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Best 10 Usual Animals In Murchison Falls National Park In Uganda

The best 10 usual animals in Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda are; Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Leopards, Chimpanzees, Uganda kobs, Hyenas, Oribis and many other animals.

Be ready to take your mind, body and soul on a thrilling wild adventure in Uganda’s oldest and largest national park. Murchison Falls National Park is a majestic park sitting on 3,893 square kilometers in the northwestern part of Uganda.

The park was once known as Kabalega National Park and it is home to the well known Murchison Falls which have attracted hundreds and thousands of tourists from all over the world ever since the park was established in 1952.

Known for having riverine forests together with savannah woodlands and grasslands, the park is home to several animals, birds and plant species. Here are the best 10 usual animals in Murchison Falls National Park;


1. Lions in Murchison Falls National Park

The lion will always be the king of the jungle regardless of where it is stationed. As part of the Big Five, the lions in Murchison Falls National Park are not your usual lions, these are tree climbing lions and you will be able to see them perched in tree branches relaxing.

The tree climbing lions are communal in nature and they enjoy hunting, their golden mane shines beautifully in the open plains in the park and these aggressive hunters can never run out of food because the park is equipped with plenty of prey.

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2. Elephants in Murchison Falls National Park

Everything about elephants is truly fascinating, from the fact that they are the largest land mammals in the whole world to having one of the longest gestation period (from conception to birth), these gentle giants are quite a beautiful sight at Murchison Falls National Park.

They are part of the Big Five crew as well and you will enjoy watching them drinking water through their trunks or playfully splashing water on themselves.

They are also communal animals and they are purely herbivorous. Remember to carry your camera and take beautiful images of the elephants.

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3. Buffalos in Murchison Falls National Park

The African buffalo is a common sight at Murchison Falls National Park. You will be able to see them almost in every corner of the park. Buffalos are also part of Africa’s Big Five. They are communal by nature and for security purposes.

It is easier for a predator to attack one buffalo compared to attacking a whole bunch of them. These animals are hot and short tempered, it is best to see them from a distance.

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4. Leopards in Murchison Falls National Park

This is the 4th and last of the Big Five family found in Murchison Falls National Park. The leopards in the park love relaxing in up in tree branches especially during day time just like the tree climbing lions.

Then at night, their hunting instincts take over. They prey on smaller victims like the Uganda kobs and they are excellent at picking up scent from potential prey. Their spotted hide helps them to camouflage in the savannah grasslands.

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Rhinos would have completed the Big Five family but unfortunately there are no rhinos at Murchison Falls National Park.


5. Chimpanzees in Murchison Falls National Park

You will be able to go chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest where you will get a chance to observe and learn from the endangered chimpanzees. This unique activity will have you walking on foot very deep in Budongo forest.

You do not have to worry about your safety because you will be accompanied by an armed ranger and a guide to keep you safe and show you which trails to use respectively.

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6. Uganda Kobs in Murchison National Park

The Uganda kobs make the park and Uganda at large very unique, this is because they are restricted to Uganda alone and a few in Southern Sudan. The Uganda kobs are part of the antelope family, their unique feature is the white circle around their eyes and white far on their underbelly.

They are prone to predators such as lions and leopards. You will spot several of them when you go for game drives in Murchison Falls National Park.


7. Hyenas in Murchison Falls National Park

This naughty bunch is always mischievous regardless of where they are stationed. Hyenas are known for their drooling nature and unending mocking laughter (this is the way they naturally sound).

You will spot several hyenas stealing and feasting on other animals prey which is typical of scavengers. Spotted hyenas are actually really good at doing their own hunting.

Their dull brown hides and dark brown spots are excellent camouflage features for hyenas. They roam the fields of Murchison Falls National Park at any time of the day and night.

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8. Oribis in Murchison Falls National Park

Oribis are a very small group of animals who are also part of the antelope family. Their small size (50-67 centimeters when fully grown) makes them easy prey for most of the predators like lions and leopards at Murchison Falls National Park.

The park has so many Oribi populations and you will be able to spot them as they graze and hop around the open savanna grasslands.


9. Giraffes In Murchison Falls National Park

As the tallest mammal in the whole world, these graceful animals stand majestically as they tower the savanna grasslands and woodlands in Murchison Falls National Park.

The park harbors three quarters of the entire world’s Rothschild giraffe species. This makes the park unique and attractive to visitors. The long necks and tongues of the giraffes enable them to reach and feed on young tree shoots found at the tree tops.

Just like finger prints in human beings, each giraffe has a unique pattern of patches which are different from all others. be ready to take amazing pictures of the Rothschild giraffes at the park.

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10. Hippos In Murchison Falls National Park

While enjoying the boat cruises offered at Murchison Falls National Park, as you cruise on the Nile river towards the bottom of the falls or down to the delta, you will be able to spot several hippos (locally known as Paraa to mean “home of hippos”)

You will see these lovely animals chilling, relaxing and just hanging out in the water. Much as hippos appear to be relaxed and lazy, in reality they are very aggressive and dangerous. Hippos are responsible for the highest number of human fatalities compared to any other wild animal.

They relax in the water during day time and step out to graze during late evening and night hours. They are communal animals.

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Apart from the best 10 usual animals in Murchison Falls National Park, the park is home to so many more other animals, some of these include; Zebras, warthogs, waterbucks, olive baboons, monkeys (blue, patas, red tailed and colobus monkeys), crocodiles and more than 500 bird species like shoebill stork, goliath, veracious doves, weaver birds, Martial eagles, silver bird, swamp flycatcher among so many others.


My conclusion about the best 10 usual animals in Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park has so many fun activities like the hot air balloon experience, Game drives, Nature walks, Bird watching and several others, and they all give you the opportunity to see all of the animals as they co-exist in their natural habitats.

The excellent accommodation facilities at this amazing park will ensure that you enjoy your tour as you sleep in the comfort you desire. For an even more exciting tour, book your tour with Kubwa Five Safaris because they are professional, knowledgeable, fun and friendly.