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Best 10 Reasons To Visit Mgahinga Gorilla

Best 10 Reasons To Visit Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga is Uganda’s smallest natinol Park, located in southwestern Uganda covering up to 33.7 square kilometres.


After Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park Mgahinga is the second alternative for gorilla Trekking which can be observed in their habitat. They are only four National parks with Mount gorillas and Mgahinga is the only park in Uganda with mountain gorillas located in Kisoro district in Western Uganda


  1. Birdwatching


Birdwatching is one of the intresting activities in Mgahinga National Park with about 184 bird species which can be observed in their habitat plus the migrating birds that are only seen in April, May, October, and November,these include; Olive woodpecker, Yellow-vented Bulbul , Black kite , Blue-headed Coucal , Olive pigeon ,Double-collared sunbird.


  1. Hiking


Hiking is a tiresome intresting adventurous activity on Mountain Mgahinga National Park and good exercise to your body with expectations of viewing of monkeys like the golden monkeys, a beautiful scenery of the thick bamboo, different bird species like Double-collared sunbird and takes about 6 hours to reach the peac and decend.


  1. Gorilla Trekking


About 300 gorillas are found in mgahinga National Park with Nyakagezi and Hirwa Gorilla families and only one habituated gorilla family that tourists can track. Tracking starts early in the morning guided by a knowledgeable ranger.


  1. Garama cave


The cave is 3kilometers away four hour drive from the headquarters in Mgahinga National Park where the Batwa people used to live. This was their council chamber they would sort issues from and fight their neighbours, the cave is about 14meters deep and 342meters long but currently inhabited by bats and the Batwa cultural music at the ends


  1. Golden monkey Trekking


About 40-50 attracting golden monkeys are found in the Park, they are smart and confident,  feed on small invertebrates,seasonal fruits, Mgahinga National Park is the only National Park in Uganda where golden monkey tracking is done, the activity starts early in the morning guided by a knowledgeable game ranger.





  1. Nature walk


A nature walk is an intresting and a must do activity in Mgahinga National Park due to its attracting scenery of Mountain Muhavura, bamboo forest, birding, mountain gaming and mountain Sabyinyo, and a welcoming community of Batwa people with their intresting culture.


  1. Batwa culture


Batwa people used to live in Mgahinga forest in harmony with the gorillas in Muhavura cave ,  this experience  was put in place by the Batwa people to educate their children and share their heritage and traditions to the world  showing how they hunted and how they used traps and defend them selves from enemies  this activity  is better after a nature walk and hiking through Mgahinga National Park.




The Park is accessible by road transport  and can take a round 9-10 hour drive from Kampala through Masaka Mbarara road or by air 1:30 hours from Entebbe to Kisoro.


Where to stay in Mgahinga National Park


Luxury hotels

Rushaga gorilla lodge

Mount gahinga safari Lodge


Midrange hotels

Sabyinyo silver back lodge

Mgahinga gorilla triangle Lodge


 When to visit

Mgahinga National Park runs through the whole year but the best time to visit is from December to January and from June to August in the dry seasons for better experience of the activities in the Park