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Best 10 Common Animals In Tsavo West National Park

Best 10 Common Animals In Tsavo West National Park

The best 10 common animals in Tsavo West National Park are; Elephant, Leopard, Lion, Buffalo, Rhino, Cheetah, Wild dogs, Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile.

Wildlife densities in Tsavo West aren’t that great, but everything is there. There are many elephants, and they are often covered in red dust, giving them an early appearance.

The park is also known for its maneless lions and big herds of buffalo. Black rhinos have been on the comeback in Tsavo since the ’80s when they were close to being locally extinct.

1. Elephant

In the Tsavo West National Park elephants are among the top sighted animals in the park. They are permanent residents hence making it possible to be seen any time of the year of your visit.

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The Elephants are gentle animals but very deadly when they charge hence warning guests always not to play with them. They are among the most thought animals by travellers when planning for their African wilderness safari. The large space at the park has given a green light for the breeding and expansion of the Elephants at the park.

2. Lions

Lions are perhaps the world’s most notorious in Tsavo national park, their ancestors were vilified more than 100 years ago as the man-eaters of Tsavo, a vast swath of Kenya savannah around the Tsavo River.

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Tsavo West National Park has over 500 lions, you will come across several prides where you will be able to see curbs nursing or just playing with each other. you might also see some lions enjoying their prey.

3. Leopards

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Leopards are scientifically known as Panthera Pardus Pardus and are one of the animals to see. Unlike the lions that move in crowds, the leopards operate alone and mostly hunt at night.

They normally rest during the day in either trees or caves and move out at night to hunt. But in case you get a chance to see a leopard during the day, it will blow your mind. Leopards can be seen in Tsavo West National Park.

4. Buffalo

The African buffalo are also known as the Cape buffalo is one of the big five that you should look out for. They are considered to be one of the most dangerous animals in the wilderness and should be avoided at all times if possible.

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They usually stay in large herds and move in the same direction and due to the high temperatures s experienced in the country, they spend most of their time in water cooling off. Buffalos like staying in the water all the time.

5. Rhinos

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Tsavo National Park is also one of the best places in Kenya to see wild rhinos. The Park is home to roughly 70 black rhinos in its Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary. The Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary was established in 1986 to conserve the last rhino population in Tsavo West National Park.

The refuge has 5 waterholes and now sustains roughly 70 black rhinos. The sanctuary provides excellent opportunities to see the elusive black rhinos to the tourists.

6. Cheetahs


Kenya has been identified as one of the last remaining strongholds for the cheetah, making it an essential refuge for the future of the species. Researcher Cherie Schroff and her team are evaluating the population and conservation status of cheetahs in the greater Tsavo ecosystem and implementing long-term conservation solutions, in order to ensure their long term survival.

7. Wild dogs


Wild dogs are one of the rarest animals to be seen on safari, rarer than leopards and even rhino. They are shy and elusive, and have been hunted to the very edge of extinction making them very wary of man.

8. Giraffes.

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Giraffes are fascinating animals, as well as being the tallest animal on earth, giraffes are a keystone species and play an important role in the Tsavo West National Park. However, this iconic species faces the biggest threats to its survival due to habitat loss, human population growth, poaching, disease, war and civil unrest.

Giraffes are the world’s tallest living land animals and the adult males can grow to around 5.5m.

9. zebras.

Zebras are social animals and live in groups called herds. There is typically a lead male of the herd, called a stallion. The herd also consists of several females and their young.

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When zebras are grouped together in the park, the stripes make it difficult for predators, including lions and leopards, to pick out one zebra to chase.

10. Crocodiles.


It is estimated  that Africa is home to over 600,000 African crocodile is the one of the largest reptiles in the world growing up to 5 meters and weighing  410 kg on average. the crocodiles can be sighted on various  shores of river and some are within Tsavo West National Park You will have a chance to see crocodiles hunt as millions of wildebeests, gazelles and zebras cross Mara and Telek Rivers when entering Kenya . crocodiles hide in the water and leap up into  action as the animals cross  rivers.

Apart from the best 10 animals in Tsavo West National Park, the park is the safe haven to so many different forms of wildlife species and birds for example Mongoose, Hyrax,  Lesser Kudu, and Nocturnal Porcupine, the birds include; Namaqua Dove, Oena capensis ; African Green-Pigeon, Treron calvus and many more.

To enjoy seeing all the beautiful and awesome animal species in Tsavo West National Park, you can book with Kubwa Five Safaris for your tour, and you will be assured having a memorable thrilling  African Safari experience.