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7 Best Reasons To Visit Rwenzori Mountains

7 Best Reasons To Visit Rwenzori Mountains National Park In Uganda

7 best reasons to visit Rwenzori mountains national park. The park is famously known for the lakes like batonda, Bigata and rivers like mubuku, nyamwamba & Ruimu.

The Park is located in the south Western Uganda bordering Congo and known as the Mountain of the moon because of their snow-capped whiteness and this Mountain rises up to 16700 feet above sea level with glaciated snow caped upper regions, the park has various endangered wild animals the beautiful vegetation, fast flowing rivers and the magnificent water falls Rwenzori Mountain has the most rich montane flora in Africa.

1.1 Hiking

Mountain Rwenzori has the most exciting Hiking destination in Uganda which take you through the beautiful green vegetation zones and the glacial peaks and hikes can take a round seven days, there are two trails to follow when hiking and that is the kilembe trail this is in the south of Rwenzori near kasese and passes through the glacial  lakes in nyamwamba valley  joining  the central circuit at lake kitandara and the central circuit trail from migunga along bujunga heading to the snow caped peaks.

This activity is tiresome but adventurous as you get to view the white Columbus blue monkeys, the beautiful green vegetation, lakes like mahoma and rivers like river mobutu and you have to be with hiking materials like the map, hiking shoes, gloves, hiking stick, first aid kit, waterproofed jackets, long sleeved shirts, snacks and refreshing water.

1.2 Bird Watching

A variety of beautiful bird species are found at mountain Rwenzori National Park which makes it a paradise to birders because the park has over 217 bird species which include, black eagles, Rwenzori turaco, swifts, sunbirds, montane Rwenzori nightjar, red faced Crimson wings, robins, bee eaters, strip-breast tit, Golden-winged Sunbird, white-starred robin, cinnamon-chested bee eaters, Barbets, flycatchers, IIladopsis, grew -winged robin, mountain sooty Boubou, grew chest ,Lagden’s Bush Shrike, Francolins and 17 of these species are found Rwenzori National Park which enabled UNESCO to label it a great birding area.

1.3 Nature walk

In Rwenzori National Park  nature walks mostly take place in Central circuit and kilembe these take you through beautiful features in the Park like lake mahoma, various bird species like long-eared owl, Rwenzori turaco, montane Rwenzori nightjar, batis, long tailed cuckoo and vervet monkeys, Elephants and the beautiful river mobuku with cold water, this nature walk is guided by a knowledgeable game ranger and this activity helps you find the hidden treasures in the park and can lead you  to Turako and rubonyo communities, during the nature walk keep your eyes open for sighting of beautiful chameleons, birds, monkeys among others.

1.4 Mountain climbing 

Rwenzori Mountain was discovered by Henry M. Stanley an European explore the mountain’s beautiful scenery is referred to as the most attractive on earth and covered with different

vegetation types and climate, the mountain’s foothills is filled with crops coffee an important cash crop in Uganda , while  climbing mountain Rwenzori it’s like climbing into heaven because you will be able to view the tropical evergreen forest rich in different tree species and color, monkeys  and various bird species for-example olive pigeon, Double-collared, Rwenzori nightjar among others and when you reach the peak you will  feel the breeze  and have a beautiful view of the majestic snowcapped peaks that will leave you breathless.

1.5 wildlife viewing

The park has got a wide variety of large mammals which inhabits the lower slopes, around 70 mammal species are habituated in the park these include elephants, buffaloes, chimpanzees, blue monkeys, Rwenzori colobus monkeys, duikers, forest hogs, hyrax and leopards. Rwenzori National park is also one of the most important bird areas in Uganda.

The park has recorded 217 bird species which include the Rwenzori Turaco, Francolins, Olive Pigeon, Rwenzori nightjar, golden-winged sunbird barbets, white-starred robin, sunbirds, grew-winged robin, Francolins, White Necked Raven and Mountain Buzzards, as well as other rare, threatened and endemic species, hiking is a major holiday activity undertaken in the park.

1.6 cultural encounter

Mountain Rwenzori is a habitat to various cultures and tribes like Bamba, Bakonzo and Bakonjo these express their culture in different ways, here you will have great opportunities to view the locals carrying out their cultural activities, dances and lifestyle of old forefathers, and a chance for drumming lessons, Bakonjo named the mountain “Rwenzori ” which is translated as “rain maker”, you will have a great opportunity of visiting Muhima the traditional healer, and participating in other cultural activities like, traditional fire making, basket weaving among others.

1.7 vegetation

The beautiful flora at mountain Rwenzori is more recognized than its fauna hikers who follow the routes to the peak pass through different beautiful vegetation zones of montane forest, afro-alpine with big forms of groundsel and lobelia which is only found in the mountain above 3800meters in East Africa, tropical rain forest tree healers

How to access Rwenzori Mountain National Park?

Mountain Rwenzori National Park can be accessed by both air and road transport from Kampala via masaka-mbarara road to kasese is about 350 kilometers and around 5-6hours by bus and these are mostly found in Kampala like baby coah,Link Buses among others.

By air it takes a round one hour and thirty minutes from Entebbe to kasese air strip, and it takes fifteen minutes from Mubuku and this can be made easy if you contact your tour company to book for you a flight before going for a tour.

When to visit Rwenzori Mountain National Park

Its best to visit during the dry seasons which starts from January, February July, August, September, October and December because during the rainy season the Hiking and climbing is more difficult because of the slippery slopes.


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