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5 Best Reasons To Visit Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh In Botswana

The 5 best  reasons to visit Savuti channel and Savute Marsh in Botswana are; Safari walks, Boat cruising, White water rafting, Birding and Helicopter Tours.

Savuti channel and Savute marsh is one of the popular  African big game area a tourist can find a variety of animals, birds, nature, landscapes among others that are of interest to the tourist with beautiful attractions. Savuti channel and Savute marsh cover 135 miles north of Maun and 1,930 miles south of Chobe national park. The channel runs from Savuti channel to Chobe river in South Africa 20 miles and so the source of the water channels come from the Linyato. Savuti channel and Savute marsh is not a game reserve or a national park. Rather, its just a part from the Chobe National park.

1. Safari Walks in Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh

Savuti channel and Savute marsh is one of the popular game areas in Africa known for the variety of wildlife such as the Lions, Elephants, Zebras, Hyenas, Rhinos, Impalas, among others. Tourists visit Savuti channel and Savute marsh to have walks in the game areas to watch the animals. Game rangers and the tour guides in the Savuti channel and Savuti marsh will move with the tourists in the wilderness tracking down where the animals could be in the game area.

The ranger shall have a gun to scare away the animals in case of an attack against the visitors. The guide will explain to the tourists more about particular animals and nature in the game area and also answer the questions asked by the tourists. They will also help the tourists spot the animals and also take good photo coverage and videos.

Safari walks and wildlife viewing in Savuti channel and Savute marsh are best done during the dry season of the region especially in the months of May to October. Most water pans in the game area dry up and most animals move close to the pans still with water. Now this gives the wild viewing a deep credit as most animals are found almost in one area. Since the animals get close to each other because of the need for water, the tourists in most cases find chance to see the hunting skills of some predators hence a some unique wilderness experience to the visitors.



2. Boat cruising in Savuti Channel and Savuti Marsh

The presence of the unpredictable Savuti channel in the game area has largely enabled tourists to cruise on a well designed boats proper for wildlife viewing. Savuti channel started to flow again after around 25 years of dryness. Now the water flows and the animals are adapting with the new environment.

Tourists in Savuti channel cruise using a boat  well designed so as the visitors can view the wilderness and the animals properly and have pictures too as the boat floats over the Savuti channel. The game area is blessed with a variety of beautiful things a visitor can watch. One can talk of the animals, birds, landscapes among others.

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3. White Water Rafting in Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh

Savuti channel in Botswana is also another place in Africa where water rafting takes place. The rapids of the flowing water enables the rafting at Savuti channel. Rafting is a sport in tourism where tourists with interest in rafting get on a raft that carries 4 to 8 persons. A well trained guide shall accompany the tourists for rafting. Rafting as an activity in the water can be done in the morning when the weather is calm and in the noon when water is warm and the weather windy. It will depend on what choice the tourist prefers and advised accordingly by the raft guide.

Rafting as a tourism water based activity, it has specific requirements a tourist may need to have to be allowed to raft and some of the requirements may include; Wear the right attire, Wear your helmet, Don’t take your valuables, Ensure you are a competent swimmer, Keep your lifejacket on and tight, Know what to do if you fall out of the raft, Understand the procedure if someone else falls out of the raft, Master the T-grip, among other requirements to raft.

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4. Birding in Savuti Channel and Savute Marsh

Savute Marsh and the Savuti channel also have birds for the tourists interested in birding to watch and take a study. The Little quelea finches are many in the game area, the Kori bastards can also be seen, The fish eagles that keeps picking fish from the channel also are found in the game area.

With birding as a tourism activity, its best done in the wet season although at times it can be done in the dry season too. Examples of some birds that can be seen during the dry season in a Savuti channel and Savute marsh may include; Abdim’s storks, carmine bee eaters and many more other birds.

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5. Helicopter Rides in Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh

Tourists at Savuti channel and Savute marsh can have a helicopter flight at an extra charge for the service. Helicopter rides are mostly engaged in by the luxurious tourists who can afford the expenses. The service is also another way one can tour the game area with the best view of the wildlife, waters, nature, landscapes in the game area.

The tourist in the helicopter can view a large surface rate of the game reserve and so has a higher chance to spot several wildlife of interest. The tourist can be escorted by a tour guide to inform him/her more of the things of interest. The helicopter takes the tourist to the wilderness and back to the campsite.

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When To Visit Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh

Savuti channel and Savute marsh are open all year through out and visitors can reach it at any day of the year. But preferably, there are several reasons as to why some other seasons and specific periods are best to visit the Savuti channel and Savute marsh. November to December are the really best periods one would visit the game area.

Several animals migrate to the game area most likely the zebras due to the the increased crop growth in the area and the other predator animals too follow to feed on the zebras and other herbivorous animals.  So the increased number of both the herbivorous animals and carnivorous animals would be a best experience to the tourist if the visit took place in November to December.


How To Access Savuti Channel And Savute Marsh

Visitors to Savuti channel and Savute marsh can board a plane to Gaborone the capital city of Botswana at the Sir Seretse Khama International Airport. Then a chartered plane can transport the visitor to the Savuti camping site and land within 50 minutes. So air transport requires several other items to access the country such as the Visa, Ticket, Medication clearance form among others.

Tourists that opt to use the road can also access Savuti channel and Savute marsh from Kasane around 100 miles for 5-7 hours travel. As the tourists use this route, they will be able to view the River Chobe and the beautiful sceneries it possesses. The tour operator can use the 4×4 open sided and open windows tourism vehicle or the visitors can hire one from the car hire companies around Botswana. Some companies include; Hertz rent a car, Destiny Car rentals, Ratie car rental among others.


Accommodation in Savuti Channel And Savute marsh

Savuti channel and Savute marsh have well established accommodation facilities where the visitors can take a rest and have meals and some more activities like have a bath, swimming among others. The accommodation at the game area range from lodges, campsites, among others. Difference in service provision is found in the different accommodations listed above.


There some lodges in Savuti channel and Savute marsh and they are near the channel. Visitors love the nature view as they stay in lodges. Some of the lodges one can find at Savuti channel and Savute marsh include Savuti Safari Lodge, Ghoha hills Eco Lodge, Thobolo’s Bush Lodge among others.


Savuti channel and Savute marsh have some camping sites to facilitate visitors at the game area. Some of the camps in the game area include; Camp Savuti, DumaTau camp among others.


In Conclusion

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