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Top reasons why you should visit mount Kenya National Park are; nature walks, hiking, Equator, bird watching, climate, wildlife and many more.

Mount Kenya National park is well known as the most impressive landscape in East Africa and the second highest peak in Africa. Mount Kenya is the highest mount within Kenya and the second highest in Africa. Mount Kenya National Park is a home for many species of birds and wildlife. Animals in the park include; mole rat, bushbucks, waterbuck, Elephants, and white tailed mongoose. Mount Kenya National Park is well known to be under administration of Kenya wildlife service which is responsible for administering protected areas in Kenya. Some of the activities at carried out at Mount Kenya National Park include; camping, hiking, nature walks, game drives, guided tours, bird watching and many interesting activities. The park fees are charged to organizations, travelers, vehicles and also safari guides. The reasons as to why you should visit Mount Kenya National Park are as follows;


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A visit to the top of the Mountain Kenya National Park will give the tourists a breath-taking moment and the  tourists will be able to watch glaciers, Lakes, birds as well as a variety of animals and plants.

Hiking refers to the activity of climbing and walking for long walks mostly across the country. Mount Kenya National Park is well known as the best place to hike in Mount Kenya National Park is Mount Kenya Summit, Naro route to Sirimon Route.


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The climate of Mount Kenya National park has done a great role in developing the topography of the park and this increasingly attracting the tourists from different destinations. Camping is well known as the action of staying and sleeping in and outside place for one or more than one nights mostly in a tent. Camping in Mount Kenya is usually charged as one off payment irrespective of time of stay.


Wildlife is known to be the living things especially birds, mammals that are neither human nor domesticated. Wildlife within Mount Kenya includes the following; black fronted duiker, mole rat, tree hyrax, elephants, white tailed mongoose.

Less expensive

The expense of hiking Mount Kenya varies depending on how long you are planning to stay on the mountain, the duration of year you plan on hiking and amount of equipments you will need to purchase. Below is the rough cost for the trip on Mount Kenya;


The equator in Kenya passes through Timboroa, Nanyuki and Maseno. The lines of the equator run through Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari club. The Equator passes through 23 countries including Kenya in Africa.

Nature walks

Nature a walk refers to as a walk on a nature trial mostly with an experienced guide. Mount Kenya the  most amazing tourist attraction in Kenya mostly known for offering amazing Kenya Mountain climbing safaris, Mount Kenya refers to as the second tallest mountain in the African continent coming second to Mountain Kilimanjaro.


Due to the climate of Mount Kenya, the mountain has developed influencing the nature of land and ecology amongst other factors. The area at Mount Kenya is covered by a large number of weather station data with long measurements series. The year has two seasons that is to say; two distinct dry seasons and two distinct wet seasons.


Many lodging reviews are based on the personal experience of the tourist of a single accommodation in a specific place rather than a whole comparison of varied accommodation and destination experiences, and your preferences may vary significantly. Selecting an accommodation from afar, yet it can be challenging. Lodges at Mount Kenya National Park include the following;


Serena Mountain Lodge.

Serena Mountain Lodge is located on the lower slopes of the mountain. Serena Mount Lodge was put in Marangu and it has a restaurant, bar, and room services. The lodge is accompanied with both Wi-Fi and private parking free of charge. Serena Mountain Lodge gives a good balance between quality cost. Surrounded by an incredible lush forest, the lodge is an admirable vantage point for watching buffalos, elephants and other large and small herbivores stroll to the watering hole to drink before disappearing once again into the forest.

Segera Retreat.

Segera Retreat is situated in one of the Kenya’s most popular Safari locations. Visitors at Segera can pick from a long list of entertainment, from classic safari game drives to enriching community visits.

Solio Lodge. Solio Lodge do welcomes children of all ages; they are able to cater for guests with limited mobility and special dietary requirements by prior arrangements.

The Porini Rhino Camp. The Porini Camp is situated in the Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Laikipia, a vast wildlife viewing region.

In Conclusion

Mount Kenya National Park is accessible through Chogoria on the Embu Meru road, about 150km North of Nairobi and can be obtained by air through closest commercial airstrip to the park. The park is essential to people of Kenya as it is a water catchment area that supplies water to people living on slopes of the mountain and also shares a name with the country making it a major destination to the Kenyans and also an attraction to the travelers.