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Top 8 Best Things To Do In Jinja

Top 8 Best Things To Do In Jinja, Uganda

The top 8 best things to do in Jinja city. Before 1906, Jinja was a fishing village that benefited from being located on long-distance trade routes. In both languages “Jinja” means “Rock”. In most of Africa, rivers like the Nile hindered migration, this explains the ethnic boundaries along the river Nile as one moves north from the river’s source on the northern shores of Lake Victoria.

However the area around Jinja was one place where the river could be breached due to the large rocks near the Ripon Falls. Here, on either bank of the river, were large flat rocks where small boats could be launched to cross the river. These rock formations were also accredited with providing a natural moderator for the water flow out of Lake Victoria. For the original local inhabitants, the location was a crossing point, for trade, migration and as a fishing post.

This might explain why, despite this barrier, the two tribes have very similar languages, and the more powerful Baganda had an enormous influence on the Basoga. The area was called the ‘Place of Rocks’ or ‘The Place of Flat Rocks’. The word for stones or rocks in the language of the Baganda is ‘Ejjinja (Plural Mayinja), and in the Basoga dialect this became Edinda. The British used this reference to name the town they established – “Jinja”

The majority of the people in Jinja District belong to the Basoga ethnic group and Lusoga is the most widely spoken language.

Things to do in Jinja

These are activities to do during the Jinja safaris in Uganda and there are many fun activities in jinja.

1. White Water Rafting

this is one of the most popular adventurous activities in Jinja. It is the highest quality activity in Africa it has several grade 4 and 5 rapids. This activity is done at the Kalangala and Itanda water falls in jinja, and one of the things to do in jinja. You can experience the beautiful appearance along the strong waves. And one of the outdoor activities in jinja.

Top 8 Best Things To Do In Jinja, Uganda

Along this activity, different attractions can be observed such as   birds, monkey, vegetation and butterflies. Everyone along this river rafting is given rafting equipment like life jackets. It is very secure since there are variety of rescue team in case something happens during the rafting.

The rafting has two packages in that the half river water rafting costs $125 per person, and the full day raft costs $270. This activity be booked by our tour company in Uganda.

2. Visiting the monument of Muhatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most famous global leaders in living memory. His work was felt as far as possible, he is remembered for his simplicity and working tirelessly in helping liberating India and helped in beginning the journey to modernization and it is among the things to do in jinja. After visiting the source of the Nile, tourists usually take a stop at this statue and take photos and to learn about his life and work. The monument of Mahatma Gandhi was 6constructed close to the river to mark his Death and legacy.

3. Visiting the source of the Nile

This river Nile is the longest river in the world, and it passes through several countries like South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia and Egypt. This river flows up to Mediterranean Sea also among the thigs to do in jinja. John Speak was the first European to discover the source of the Nile, and by using speed bout, they can reach at the point where the river begins is journey to the sea. It is one of the most visited places in Uganda, and visitor can be able to see Lake Victoria z is the source of the Nile.

4. Jet Boating

This activity is similar to water rafting of using balloon rafts, and it costs $75 for adults and you conquer the rapids using high speed boat moving at speeds of up to 90 kilometers per hour. This is one of the things to do in jinja.

5. Golfing

Golfing acting activity is Unique experience and contains a lot of fun, drinks and mingling with the local high class and tourist from all over the world, also among the things to do in jinja. It was constructed with large status of the big five. [ leopard, buffalos, rhinos, elephants and lions].

6. Bungee jumping

This is one of the craziest activities you will ever do while visiting this place it involving from jumping from the tower (44 meters high) and down towards Nile waters with a rope tied to the ankles. This costs $115 per person, and the crew has won several international awards for organizing the activity to the highest possible standards. This is also among the things to do in jinja.

 7. Fishing on the Nile

The best fishing spot is found in Jinja, and they are several fish species in this area like Nile perch, tilapia, cat fish, yellow fish, and silver fish the fishing techniques used during a safari are spinning, bait fishing and trawling. This is the among the major things to do in jinja.

8. Mountain Biking

This mountain biking in Jinja is always organized to allow visitors to explore the river Nile and the nearby community, this activity is so challenging physically considering the unpredictable terrain and routs taken. This activity is among the top things to do in jinja and takes 2 to 3 hours through the banks of the river and the village farms.

9.  Visiting Mabira Forest

The Mabira Forest is the largest tropical rain forest in Uganda, which has over 200 species of birds and 5 primates. It takes about 2 hours drive from Kampala past. It is a popular place for camping, and also among the things to do in jinja. This is one of the adventure places in jinja.

10. Visiting the Ssezibwa Falls

These falls are located along Kampala-Jinja highway. As the local Baganda people consider it as an important cultural site where the spirits of their ancestors still rest. While at the fall, do not forget to visit the local snake cave where people perform rituals to appease their ancestors.

11. Bird Watching

Uganda is known as the best birding site in the world. where by the Queen Elizabeth National Park is the leading site. the companies provides binoculars

Visiting the rural village, tubing the Nile, among other activities.

 Places to visit in Jinja

There are many places to visit and things to do in jinja as explained below.

  • Bujagali Falls

This is an interesting place to visit where by water has special feature of moving in a zig-zag manner crossing the huge pile-up of the rocks in their way. Bujagali falls is another tributary of River Nile and many thing to do in jinja at Bujagali falls like soothing greenery, catchy sound of the water flow, unique bird watching, eye-catching sceneries among others.

  • Nile Discovery Resort

The area is also wide enough to be used as an outdoor activity you would like, atmosphere, gentry, all make this resort one of this unique kind. It is found along Kayunga road, which one of the unique resorts you would ever visit. Things to do in jinja at Nile discovery resort are family activities, awesome beach, great pathways to enjoy the scenery, picnic and out door spots, bars and pubs nearby among others.

  • Itanda Falls

This is around 27km from Jinja, these water falls flow from upside to join the the river. The incredible flow of water is highly appreciated by the visitors, and many people refer to visit Itanda falls in the replacement of other falls. Things to do in jinja at these falls are traditional dancing, rafting, games and sports, Kayaking, among others.

  • Nile Reptile Park

here at the Nile reptile park the guides are very knowledgeable and friendly and it’s a kind of a zoo that has a variety of animals and reptiles like crocodiles, pythons, turtles, and zebras. this park is well maintained and provides a cosy atmosphere to make your trip pleasant and this place is more perfect for family tours that include kids.

  • Speke Memorial Monument

This place is meant to provide many tourist attractions from all around Uganda, Named after John Hanning Speke, who discovered the source of River Nile, which bears the significant importance to the local community. The things to do are Picture locations, attention-grabbing views among others. This is one of the historical sites in jinja.

  • Kyabazinga Royal Palace

This kingdom still has it’s roots in the modern culture of Uganda, Kyabazinga Royal Palace is one of the best places to explore the lifestyles of the kings. Things to do at Kyabazinga Royal Palace are joyful ride to the palace, Picnic and outdoor spots, Kyabazinga Royal Trail and others.

  • Nalubale Rafting Base

This is located at Kira Road in Jinja. The exiting and enjoyable experience with your loved ones will make you happy to fall in love with this activity, the things to do are open-air bar, rafting and slide jumping, drinking the famous tea from the tea house among others.

  • Source of the Nile

This is the source of river Nile, and this beautiful tributary of water has eye-catching sights and provides tremendous opportunities to the tourists to enjoy nature, see birds free around, the mesmerizing sound of water and wild water waves. Things to do at the source of the Nile are mountaineering, Quad biking, bungee Jumping, fishing, among other things. And best hangout places in jinja.

  • Ripon Falls

This is another Exiting place to visit Jinja. It was considered as the source of River Nile due to its tremendous flow of water and the similar features as the Victoria Lake, the breathtaking sights of water falling from height leave the visitors completely baffled. Things to do are amazing locations, dews of freshwater, bird watching, the meeting point of water from Ripon falls to the Nile among others.

  • Owen Falls Dam

This was also named as Nalubaale Power Station, the dam was built to retain water and to use it for electricity generation. Things to do at Owen Falls Dam are huge water release at specific timing, aesthetic sceneries, dews of freshwaters, among others.

Accommodation in Jinja

Jinja city has different accommodation options that include hotels, lodges, camping sites in jinja among others as explained as below. There are the best places to stay in jinja

  • Explorers River Camp Jinja

This camp was constructed along river Nile with the view of Lake Bujagali. Barbecue and camping is arranged by the beach-side while parting and marveling at the beautiful river. This cap as a hotel which has good rates of their tented rooms with a perfect hygiene, water heaters and free Wi-Fi. It is one of the beaches in jinja.

  • Bilkon Hotel

This is one of the mid-range accommodation facility in Jinja constructed long the road towards Kampala. It has 64 clean and comfortable rooms that are single sand double, all rooms have TV, shower, marble fittings, furniture, and air conditioning. This hotel is also a deal for meetings, parties, and large weeding parties.

  • King fisher Safaris Resort

 Kingfisher is located nine kilometers away from Jinja town near the point where Lake Victoria and the Nile River meet. The resort is owned by Germans and has twenty eight single rooms, seven twin rooms, four family rooms, six double rooms and two Luxury rooms. All the rooms have showers, laundry services and a veranda. The hotel can arrange for taxis on request, help secure airline flights, provide mobile phones, postcards and stamps. On a given day, the resort can take ninety six guests. King Fisher has a camping site, a large swimming pool, a bar, a conference hall, children’s playground, a large garden and parking space.

  • Jinja Safari Hotel

This is a luxury built along the banks of river Nile close to the very source of the Nile and the Jinja Golf Club. The hotel has twenty five guestrooms with private balconies and bathtubs/showers. The hotel provides laundry services, parking space, luggage rooms, outdoor manicured gardens, a bar, restaurant and off course free Wi-Fi.

  • Jinja Nile Resort

This resort is built along the banks of the river offering amazing views of the river and its own large gardens. The Resort has a total of 102 single and double rooms which all have a TV, a balcony and sitting area. The resort has a restaurant that serves intercontinental meals and a bar with a large collection of beers, wines and spirits. Other facilities include conference rooms, business centers, barbecue facilities, children’s playing area, a fitness center, photocopying area, catering services for outside functions, a high quality public address system and projectors.

  • The Mansion Hotel

The Mansion Hotel is built in a quiet residential section of Jinja where the top politicians and businessmen stay. It is close to the Source of the Nile, Jinja Golf course and the section of the Nile that supports whitewater rafting. The hotel offers luxury accommodation facilities with beautiful gardens and a large swimming pool. All rooms have Televisions, a reading desk and a veranda. Other facilities include conference facilities, Wi-Fi, airport pickup and free breakfast. The hotel’s restaurant offers both local and international cuisine to be served in the dining hall or personal rooms.

  • Bridge Way Guest House

This guesthouse is built 100 meters way from the main junction leading to the source of the river Nile. Each room has a mosquito net, a fan and a reading table. The hotel has scenic gardens, a restaurant and a bar. Other services include conference facilities, outside catering, and gardens that can be used for wedding receptions.

  • Friends Guesthouse

Friends was opened in 2002 and offers mid-range accommodation facilities at the heart of Jinja town. The hotel accepts VISA card payments accompanied by proper Identification documents. The facility has both double and twin rooms of both the luxury and mid-range quality. Each room has  a spacious bed, verandas looking towards the large swimming pool and private shower. Other services include Wi-Fi, Refrigerators, Flat TV, and a safe.

  • Source of the Nile Hotel

Source of the Nile Hotel is a luxury hotel hidden away from the noise of the town center, providing a perfect setting for relaxation. The hotel offers self-contained rooms with stunning views of the Nile, along with conference facilities and professional staff.

  • Sunset Hotel International

A 3-star hotel catering to mid-range travelers, Sunset Hotel International features comfortable rooms with modern amenities. Guests can enjoy a bar, restaurant, conference facilities, and a duty-free shop.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Jinja known for?

Jinja is mainly known for having the source of the longest river in the World the river Nile.

What are the top attractions to visit in Jinja?
  • Source of river Nile
  • Bujagali falls
  • Nile discovery resort
  • Itanda falls
  • Kyabazinga Royal Palace
  • Griffin Falls
  • Royal Hill Gardens
  • Jinja sailing club
  • How much is bungee jumping in Jinja?
  • Ugandans costs UGX200,000 per person
  • East Africans costs $100 per person
  • Foreigners costs $115 per person
What are the most popular things to do in Jinja with kids?
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Water rafting
  • Jet Boating
  • Golfing
  • Fishing
  • Cycling
  • Bird Watching

When visiting Jinja, you can choose from this diverse range of accommodation options to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Accordioning to the resorts and hotels in jinja.

Jinja’s unique blend of adventure, natural beauty, and cultural heritage make it a must-visit destination in East Africa. Whether you’re seeking adrenaline-pumping activities, immersing yourself in nature, or exploring historical landmarks, Jinja has something to offer every traveler. So pack your bags, embark on an unforgettable journey, and discover the wonders of Jinja, the adventure capital of East Africa.