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Top 10 Best Things To Do In Jinja

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Jinja

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Jinja, it has over the years gained a strong reputation of fun and adventure. The presence of spectacular physical features including the source of the longest river in the world has attracted many people from far and wide who opt to experience fun and adventure during their visit to The Pearl of Africa. The wonders of Jinja are quite stimulating and the popular tour activities are just right even for the most adventurous of people. Most people usually prefer to use the services of a tour guides in Uganda so that they fully enjoy these wonders. Visit Uganda and take part in these Jinja tourist activities.

Here are the top 10 best things to do in Uganda.

  1. White Water Rafting on River Nile.

There are very few tour activities that can compare to the experience of white water rafting on River Nile, the world’s longest river. The scenery is stunning. The weather is conducive all year round and the water rapids look surreal. White water rafting on River Nile is best done in groups and an all day rafting session covers a distance of about 21 kilometers through eight big rapids. In some parts of the Nile, the water is calm, clear and perfect for swimming. Many of various bird species can also be seen hovering around. Rafting on the Nile is a great highlight of Jinja tourist activities.

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  1. Quad Biking

Quad biking is the most popular Jinja Tourist Activities and takes adventure to a whole other level and does not require further driving experience. A free training session is made before each safari and trips are modified to suit the riders’ ability and give the best possible adventure. Sliding across the puddles and potholes in mud makes quad biking much more fun and easier to the tourists.

  1. Horse Riding

Horse riding is done along the shores of River Nile and it is the best way to experience Uganda’s beauty. The surrounding landscape and the local communities make horse riding such a fun and adventurous experience. Bird viewers also gets a chance of encountering many of the different bird species along the shores of River Nile while on the horse ride.

  1. Kayaking

River Nile offers the perfect water for kayaking, canoeing, or even a simple boat ride. The waters are clear and fresh which is just what you need. A lot of the resorts and hotels next to the Nile are in charge of organizing canoe or kayak excursions. The boats and canoes don’t come for free though. Tourists are charged a small fee to use their equipment for an agreed amount of time.


  1. Bungee Jumping.

Jinja is best known for Bungee Jumping, an adrenaline pumping experience where you plunge yourself 43 meters down into open space before partly immersing yourself into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee. Bungee jumping is an activity much loved by those who want to test the limits of their adventure spirits.

  1. Visiting Mabira Forest.

This is one of the largest remaining tropical rain forests in Uganda. Lamentably, a large size of it has been destroyed due to a result of human activities and urbanization. It is now smaller than its original size but still allows for great adventurous and exciting activities for those who love nature. Mabira is located in Buikwe district between Mukono and Jinja. The main activities carried out in Mabira forest is camping, bird watching and nature walks and many more.

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  1. Fishing in Jinja.

Jinja also carries out sport fishing and is the one of the best fishing district in Uganda. The most popular species to see is the large Nile perch and the tasty tilapia. The ideal time to catch fish is in the morning and evening hours. Indiscriminate fishing is frowned upon as is using old fashioned gear. One has to go for only mature fish. Before going out to fish, anglers will be briefed about the river and safety measures before being given correct fishing gear. Anglers who do sport fishing in Jinja always complete with happy faces. The local fishing Guides know the areas which have the highest concentration of fish.

  1. Tubing the Nile.

This is a newly introduced activity along the Nile. It involves floating on the waters of the river Nile on air pressured tubes. As participants float on the Nile, they have opportunities to go up to the main Jinja bridge and experience the amazing landscape. They are also able to watch monkeys, birds, tides and rapids from a distance. Tubing the Nile is a very cool thing to engage in and there are safety measures in place to ensure that no harm comes your way while tubing.

  1. Launch Cruise along the River Nile.

The boat cruise is organized starting from the area around the source of the Nile (Lake Victoria) and also at the Bujagali Lake .The one starting from around the source of the Nile takes you towards the newly constructed bridge, fishing villages and the resorts along the shores of River Nile. The Bujagali lake launch cruise also offers beautiful sights of the different flora and fauna along the banks of river Nile. Tourists can also spot the popular structures that make Jinja such a lovely town to live in.

  1. Cycling.

Cycling offers a different experience from quad biking because it is more physical and drains more energy. However, the activity is equally thrilling depending on the route you take. In addition, leading activities in Jinja you don’t have to worry about completing within your allocated timeframe. Cyclists are provided with a mountain bike and a Guide to take them on an interesting journey of discovery beyond what the Quad bikes can provide. Using a mountain bike, one can go further into the sugar plantations, community villages, the river Nile and even up to Jinja town itself.

Today, Jinja is best known for its location on Lake Victoria at the source of the Nile, Africa’s longest river and the symbol of life for all the countries it travels through before reaching Egypt.

Jinja is famous internationally mainly because it is the source of the great River Nile. It is in Jinja that the river Nile leaves Lake Victoria and starts a 6,650km journey to Egypt. Jinja derives its name from the huge rocks that were found in the area along the river Nile.
Jinja is well known for Bungee Jumping, an adrenaline pumping experience where you plunge your self 43 meters down into open space before partly immersing yourself into the Nile water at the Nile High Bungee. Bungee jumping is an activity much loved by those who want to test the limits of their adventure spirits.