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Major Animals In Kidepo Valley National Park

Major Animals In Kidepo Valley National Park

Major Animal In Kidepo Valley National Park 

Here we are looking at the major animals in Kidepo Valley national Park and they include the four of the big five animals ;buffaloes, lions, leopards and elephants .Other animals found in Kidepo include water bucks warthogs, zebras antelopes, cheetahs among others.

The isolated park was founded in 1962 and its located in the northern part of the country, Kaabong district in the Karamoja Sub region. Kidepo valley national park experiences semi arid climate and the laid savannah plains covering 1442 square kilometers create an amazing space for about 80 mammal species for instance twelve antelope species, its predators and more.

Kidepo Valley Natonal Park is Sectioned in to two that is the Narus Valley that harbors the highest population of the mammal species and this is due to the availability of a water source. The Kidepo section where we find the Kidepo seasonal river , a few wildlife and its mainly common of its beautiful ostriches.

The following are the major animals in Kidepo Valley National Park

1.Lions In Kidepo Valley National Park

Lions are predators that belong to the cat family and are the second largest after the tigers, feeding on only meat. These are one of the big five animals  that tourists visit in Kidepo Valley National Park. Lions are one of the animals you will see when you visit Kidepo valley national park and never feel disappointed because they bring over the phrase of the king of the jungle quite perfectly. However, you will be surprised to find out that the female lions are the main hunters for prey and the male termed to be lazy.


While on a game in Kidepo, lions are easily spotted and this is mostly within the morning hours  before the Kidepo scorching sun is out . Viewing the lions happens in the Narus Valley and this  will leave you amazed by the beauty of Kidepo Valley National Park. These can only be watched and admired from a distance.

Note that we cant find climbing lions in kidepo Valley National park so in case you want to see them, you can visit Queeen Elizabeth National Park or Lake Mburo National Park.

2.Buffaloes In Kidepo Valley National Park

Expect to see herds of African Cape buffaloes in the park .Buffaloes are herbivorous animals and belong to the bovidae family , live in herds and graze all the time. There resting time occurs early in the morning and in the afternoon These are so many around the park and most common within almost all national parks in Uganda .

buffaloes maasai mara

Buffaloes gestation period is approximately 11 to 12 months. These survive in the park by moving in groups and they are mostly see covered in mud because it helps them get rid of parasites and ticks.

While on a game drive at Kidepo , you will encounter so many of them and with the aid of the well trained guides, you will learn more about their life style in general. Buffaloes are also part of the big five  animals.


3.Elephants In Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo Valley National Park is a perfect destination for elephant viewing. The savannah grassland influences the presence of Savanna Elephants in the park. Also known as African bush elephants are the worlds largest mammal herbivories in nature and part of the big five identified by large, heat radiating ears and long front legs with a gestation period of 22months.

IMG 4644

The African bush elephants are found in savannah national parks and these include Murchison falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park. Elephants are social animals and just like the buffaloes, they gather in herds of about ten females with their calves. The males are always alone and are only seen with the female when its time to mate. Elephants  are also one of the big five animals.

You will enjoy a fulfilling experience of watching the elephants both on the game drive or during the nature walk with an aid of the park guide giving you a remarkable experience.


4.Leopards In Kidepo Valley National Park

Being strongest of the big cats , these nocturnal animals will magnify your African safari giving you a magnificent  sight altogether. Leopards  are one of the big five animals. belonging  to the cat family, do their hunting in the night and this is influenced by their large eyes and dilated pupil. They have a vision of 6times more than human beings during the night and their gestation period is within 90 to 107 days.

leopard How to become a travel agent from home

Leopards are solitary creatures, secretive and usual hide in trees and within the grasslands this makes it very difficult for them to be seen. These are only seen in pairs when mating and survive within any environment. Just their character and way of life, it makes you more  curious and eager to see those shy mammals.

While at Kidepo you stand more chances to see the leopards but you must keep a distance because they are endangered animals and harmful to humans. Leopards are mostly seen  hanging in tree branches in search of prey.


5.Warthogs In Kidepo Valley National Park

Belong to the pig family, warthogs are mostly found in open grassland savannah area, they are medium size and travel in group. Warthogs have a gestation period of 150-180 days and during this time the female isolate themselves to put to birth. Those creature might look funny and fierce but surprisingly they are so harmless and run when ever they meet people.

Warthogs In Africa

While at the park, the warthogs will be part of your life moving from one place to the other in search of food. These  aren’t endangered animals so no need to be scared when you see one. Warthogs make the park look lively and you don’t need to be on a game drive or nature walk to see them.


6. Antelopes In Kidepo Valley National Park

Antelopes belong to the bovidae  family, herbivorous in nature ,identified by their long legs and antlers, white and pale under their bodies and have a coat shade of fur on covered on their bodies. Uganda has the  largest population of African antelopes. The following are the common antelope species you can find in Kidepo Valley National Park and they include Oribis, Elands, Jackson hartebeests, Waterbuck ,Kadu, Uganda kobs among others. They are found in forest and grassland areas.

African antelopes

Antelopes have the ability to predict danger and also use their sense for communication. Gestation period differs according to the different species but its between 169-274 days.

When you visit the park, these ones are a must see. You will witness how they survive being eaten in the wilderness.


7.Giraffes In Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo being one of the most adorable savannah national parks and a home to the famous Rothschild subspecies of the Northern giraffes known to be tallest mammals on earth which is an advantage to them as they are able to see the predator from a distance and scatter for their  lives. These belong to the Giraffidae family and always appear in small numbers and are found in dry Savannah parts of Africa. These beautiful, gentle and gracious characters will welcome you to the park.

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Rothschild giraffes  also known as Baringo giraffes are differentiated from other giraffe species by their appearance, the dark orange and brown patches, prefer open forest, grassland and savannah areas due to their long neck which makes it difficult to go through forested areas. Giraffes have a gestation period of 14 t0 16 months and the female separate from the herd during that period. These spend most of the time ranging around for food since they sleep for approximately 30mins  in 24hours.

Giraffes look so magnificent and while at the park, you will learn a lot of amazing things about them like when moving, they lift their right side legs at the same time and the same thing happens to the left legs. These give color to the park and photos are allowed since they are only dangerous when disturbed.

8. Zebras In Kidepo Valley National Park

The dazzling black and white stripped coat Mammals are lovable and give the park an amazing look as they parade  themselves all over. Zebra are herbivores animals that belong to the horse family, prefer grassland and wooded Savannah habitats and are social animals that live in herds.

Katavi National Park

The Plain zebras also known as the Burchell Zebras are endangered animals regardless of their adorable look and  have a gestation period of 1 year. Zebra have fierce fighting skills and a social bond which is the major ways how they get to survive amongst predators and always on the move for pasture and water.

In Uganda, zebras are found in only two national parks that is Kidepo Valley National Park and Lake Mburo National Park. The other places where you can find zebras is in the game reserves. During your safari adventure, you will have to keep a distance  from those mammals.


The above are the major animals that you wont miss out when you visit Kidepo valley National Park, however you maybe lucky if you come across the following animals as they are seen occasionally and they include;

1. Cheetahs

For anyone to spot a cheetah in Kidepo Valley National Park is so unusual since its hard for these carnivores animals to survive within the environment of predator. Cheetahs belong to the cat family and are the fastest animals on earth, these look like the leopards however they are a bit slender, lighter and taller.


Cheetahs are social animals who live together thou the female are solitary and only meet during mating. These hunt during the day but a so prone to the other predators who steal their prey which is one of the reasons they are referred to as  vulnerable animals who don’t have a permanent habitat.

Cheetahs in Kidepo Valley National Park can spotted in the day when hunting for prey.

2.Common Patas Monkey

Also known as the wadi monkeys belong to the Cercopithecoidea family who live in savannah and woodland habitats and are social animals .Common Patas Monkeys are omnivorous animals  and are spotted at the park mostly the Apoke safari lodge.

The guides in the park will telling interesting stories about the monkeys for instance the females reaching out for the males during mating and the male can reproduce with different females.

3. Spotted Hyenas

These predators belong to the hyaenidae family  are also known as the laughing hyena due the sound they make,  carnivores in nature and live in open savannah and plain grassland. Spotted hyenas are social animals who live in larger groups but hunt in smaller groups and have a gestation period of 110 days.

Hyenas can survive in any environment under any conditions because they are adaptive and opportunists. Hyena are  occasional and the best time to see them is during the evening game drives.

4.African Wild Dogs

These are carnivores and belong to the Canidae family, just like the spotted Hyenas, the African Wild dogs also known as the cape hunting dogs are opportunists and are identified by their colorful hairy coat, long ears and bushy white tipped tail.

African Wild dogs live in dense forest to open plains  and are social animals that achieve success in teamwork. Gestation period is 60 to 80 days These are occasional in Kidepo Valley National Park and they migrate from South Sudan usually move searching for food and water.


Kidepo Valley National Park is among the must visit parks on an African Safari  due to its diverse wildlife, the mammal species that have been identified include those that  that are see daily and those that appear on occasional basis for  different reasons weather conditions, food and water search  among others. While in Kidepo Valley National Park, you will not only watch mammals but have an opportunity to bird watch as its also a home to different bird species as its the second leading birding site in Uganda after Queen Elizabeth National Park. You  see and learn the beautiful Kidepo  ostriches  , all you need to do is book an African safari and explore the pearl of Africa

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