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Best Time When To Visit Kasanka

The best time when to visit Kasanka national park in Zambia is any time of the year although preferably from the month of May to the month of October which is the dry season when the region is dry with no rain.

Kasanka national park is one of the smallest National Parks in the country covering around 400 sq km. Kasanka National Park is privately funded  and has operated ever since 1980’s with the most beautiful sceneries like River Luwombwa as one of the largest in the park, Lake Wasa being the largest lake, the bat birds at Mushitu as the base and so many other beautiful sceneries for the tourists to have a spectacular experience.

Kasanka National Park in Zambia is open all thought the year  for 24 hours each day with a variety of activities provided to tourists thought the year. Birding is especially good in the wet season and Game viewing is best in the dry season. Fishing is also best done in the wet season though it can be done at anytime of the year. Depending on the tourists interested days to travel, the park welcomes all tourists at any hour, day, season, and year.


The weather and Climate In Kasanka National park

Kasanka national park experiences two major seasons which include the dry season and the wet season. These differ from the european weather and climate of Winter characterised by extremely cold temperatures and summer characterised with hot temperatures. Its a different case in Africa, they experience wet seasons when the rains fall and dry seasons when the sun overheats the region.

The good thing with Kasanka national park, both seasons are catered for as tourists can find what to do in the park either in the dry season when there are no rains or wet season when there are rains in the region. There so many different activities a visitor can engage in while in Kasanka national park.

Dry Season In Kasanka National Park

The dry season in Kasanka national park experiences almost ,no rainfall with very warm temperatures in the region. It’s very cold in the early morning at around 6am and in the nights but very hot in the day time time. Tourists in the park are recommended to put on lighter clothings to avoid accumulation of heat leading to easy exhausting of the body.

The dry season in the region is from the month of May to October where little or no rain is experienced in the park. In the month of May, the rains reduce and temperatures rise and also the green nature starts to dry up. It now worsens in the months of June, July, August and October when the land is so dry, temperatures so hot and oppressing but again in the night the temperatures are so low leading to intensive coldness in the region.

The first rains that mark the end of the dry season are received in the month of october when its almost ending. The dry season would really be my encouragement period as to which a tourist should visit Kasanka national park because with the lack of water in the park, so many animals concentrate in one area where they find water and so predators hunt down others making it a spectacular seen. There are some activities that a tourist can do while in the park during the dry season and these include;

  • Game drives
  • Self drives
  • Nature walks
  • Game viewing
  • Camping

Wet Season In Kasanka National Park

The wet season is in the months from November to April where the region experiences rainfall and the nature regains its green color and the bushes re-grow. Herbivorous animals at this time enjoy life most as feeding becomes easy to them. The temperatures here now become warm and cold and thunderstorm are often dramatic in the region. November the rains start and when it clocks to April, the rain is winding down and the landscape is lush and green.

  • Birding
  • Fruit Bats viewing
  • Canoeing
  • Fishing

In Conclusion

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