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Best 6 Animals In Kasanka National Park

The best 6 animals in kasanka national park in Zambia are; Antelopes species such as Puku, bushbuck, common duiker and sitatunga, aquatic life and Birds such as fruit bats, Anchieta’s tchagra, Ross’s turaco among others. Elephants, buffalos, leopards, zebras are very rare in the park. 

Have you ever meditated on a beautiful scenery anywhere in Africa? Kasanka National Park in Zambia is the best option that would appear as your first view and answer. Kasanka national park is one of the smallest National Parks in the Zambia covering around 400 sq km. Kasanka National Park is privately funded  and has operated ever since 1980’s with the most beautiful sceneries like River Luwombwa as one of the largest in the park, Lake Wasa being the largest lake, the bat birds at Mushitu as the base and so many other sceneries.

Kasanka National Park is a great destination for game drives, nature walks, birding, canoeing, boat cruising, camping among others. There over 470 species of birds recorded in kasanka national park.  Anchieta’s tchagra and the beautiful Ross’s turaco are two of the more conspicuous birds in the region with Fruit bats being the craziest population in the region of birds. The habitats of the animals and birds are; papyrus swamp, rivers and lakes, contributes to a great touring environment. 


 1. Puku Antelope In Kasanka National Park

Kasanka national park has a great population of the puku antelope species that is estimated to be around 5000 individuals in the periods of 2009 to 2010. The Kasanka trust together with other animals responsible and caring bodies have brought several ways to protect these animals Puku antelopes inclusive. The activity patterns of the puku showed that it is not predominantly diurnal and puku graze mainly at dawn, they rested during the day.

However, there is reduction in the number of Puku antelopes in the kasanka national park and this acts as evidence that these antelopes are being poached or unprotected by the responsible bodies effectively enough for visitors to view the many Puku antelopes as expected. But still research is being carried out to find out what could be the cause and still Puku antelopes are best viewed in Kasanka national park.

Best 6 Animals In Kasanka National Park


2. Bushbuck Antelope In Kasanka National Park

Kasanka national park is also blessed with another antelope species of the bushbuck type, another cool animal to watch while in the park. The bushbuck antelope is different from the other antelopes as for it, it posses geometric white shaped spots on its body including on the legs, ears, tail. The male bushbuck posses horns that grow straight upwards and they are around 12 inches long.


3. Common Duiker Antelope In Kasanka National Park

Duiker antelopes are natives to the sub-Sahara desert parts of Africa especially in the thickly wooded areas. The antelope is small in size and brown in color. The duiker antelope belongs to the family of Cephalophinae. The duiker antelope is glossy with a white tail that connects to the dark body. The tail is constantly in motion with each movement looking like a tiny torch being switched on and off in the forest gloom. Male and female forest duikers are about the same size, and both have horns.

Duiker - Wikipedia

4. Sitatunga In Kasanka National Park

kasanka national park is also a blessed place with another species of an antelope called sitatunga. The sitatunga antelope dwells in the swamp but so rare to find. You can differentiate it from the other antelopes by the slayed hooves that are long. These hooves help them in several ways such as movement in the muddy areas, vegetated swamps and also act as fighting gears in case of attack.

The antelope feeds on leaves in the bushes around the swamps, the sedges and the bulrushes in the game park and also change diet with grass from the riverine forest. The sitatunga antelopes can also feed on the fruits already fallen and also eat the barks of some special trees.


5. Aquatic Life In Kasanka National Park

Kasanka national park also has water life that is found in River Luwombwa in the national park. There are several creatures that live in the river waters and these include the following; Crocodiles can be seen at the water shores, the hippopotamus are also available, the otters and monitor lizards, plus obviously the fish that some visitors come and catch them through fishing as one of the best activities done in the national park.

6. Fruit Bats And Other Birds In Kasanka National Park

A cauldron of Bats and is one of the most famous tourism attraction in the game park. Flying all over the park must especially at Mushitu forest. This attracts so many other animals that also feed on the Bats as food. Scavengers, eagles and vultures are the most found at Mushitu that feed on the Bats. Some of the fruits the bats eat at Kasanka national park are the local fruits such as mangoes, pawpaw’s, and some berries especially the water berry.

These bats are assumed to have migrated from different parts of Africa and Congo spotted as one of the country source. The bats massive migration is due to the accumulation of variety of fruits in the forests found in the park. This happens in the months of October to December and is the very time the highest number of bats is found in the whole world approximately above Seven million Bats.


In Conclusion

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