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Best 5 Reasons To Visit Barotse FloodPlains In Zambia

The Best 5 reasons to visit Baroste fioodPlains are, the Baroste floodplain in Zambia, Wildlife in Barotse Floodplains,Bird watching in Barotse Floodplains, Fishing in Barotse Floodplains, Ecology in Barotse Floodplain

Baroste, also known as the Bal0zi plain, the Zambezi floodplain is one of African’s  Great wetlands, Culture, Farming, Cattle Keeping

  1. The Baroste floodplain in Zambia

The baroste floodplain in Zambia is one of Africa’s largest wetlands, representing varied ecotypes and high biodiversity conservation value .However, the Lozi people who live in the region face an intense  from November to January when accessibility to food is very limited.


2. Wildlife in Barotse Floodplains

The floodplain is rich in biodiversity and provides aquatic habitats for fish such as tigerfish and bream as well as to crocodiles and hippopotamus. There are also more than 300 species of birds including waterbirds, raptors, fly-catchers and bee-eaters. Barotse is also home to some antelope like the Lechwe. After the flood, the plain provides grazing for wildebeest, zebra, tsessebe and small antelope, as well as their predators.

3. Bird watching in Barotse Floodplains

Barotse Floodplain is home to over 3o0 species of birds, including many species of aquatic birds, heron, the African Finfoot, bee-eaters and fly-catchers.

4. fishings in Barotse Floodplains

This incredible tiger fishing trip is the first of its kind!  Drifting down 140km of the Lungwebungu River in the Barotse Floodplains targeting trophy tigerfish and largemouth bream on fly and lure, we get to explore some of the most remote tiger fishing water available. Due to the size and remoteness of Lungwebungu, we never fish the same beat of the river for 2 days running and start the mobile safari 140km upstream of Lukulu harbour giving us about 30km of water a day to fish and explore. Spend your days drifting down this hidden river in Barotse working structures and drop offs for the trophy fish before arriving at a pre-setup mobile camp on a pristine white sandy beach. We start our fishing about 140kms up the Lungwebungu and finish in Lukulu harbour.

5. Ecology in Barotse Floodplains

The Barotse Floodplain supports many species of indigenous


  • Area: 5,500 km²
  • Province: Western Zambia
  • Coordinates: -15.0332° S, 22.8834° E

when to visit barotse floodplains

The ideal time to visit the barotse floodplain for fishing is during the winter months, from may to august. this is an excellent time of year to catch and the barotse floodplaordered byins are only fished by 2 operations on a perment basis which are best accessed by private charter the floodplains are b a belt of numerous pains, some of which are up to 4km in diameter.


To access Barotse floodplains due to transportation, the easiest way is to use road in dry season or via private charter.

Here are some of the self drive routes you can use via road like; From Lusaka head to west towards Mumba and through Kafue National park onto Kaomo. This is the recommended fuel stop.

Accommodation in Barotse floodplains

Barotse Floodplains has   adventurous Camping sites like barotse tiger camp, safari camps fishing in kalabo.

Barotse flood plains also has a designated Ramsar site which is a home to a thousand of people along with an expensive wetland ecosystem and food.




My conclusion about the reasons to visit Barotse Floodplains in western  Zambia found on the mighty Zambia River in the province of zambia.

Baroste floodplains is one of Africa’s great wetlands.