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Best 10 Reasons To Visit North Luangwa National Park In Zambia

The following are the best 10 reasons to visit North Luangwa National Park; nature walk, game drive, location, habitats, camping sites etc.

Have ever imagined how interesting it would be to visit north Luangwa national Park which is located in the northern part of Zambia bordered by dramatic Muchinga escarpment to the west and river Luangwa to the East known for its wild and un touched nature. Founded as a game reserve in 1938 and become a national park in 1972 covering an area of 4636sq km and with the finest world experience in Zambia.

However the beauty of visiting the park is a remarkable experience opportunities in Africa with various attractions like; the big five animals, Cookson’s wildebeest, antelopes, zebras, black rhinos.  And it is also a predator stronghold with its amazing water sources from river Luangwa which supplies water to the world animals in the park .the best 10 reasons to visit north Luangwa national park are discussed as follows;

1. Nature Walks It North Luangwa National Park

The park is situated in the remote area with limited accessibility. Thus making it easy to explore on foot and truly experience the true meaning of  African wilderness with experienced guides who guide the visitors through out the safari. it is a haven for nature walking with small bush camps making it easy to view the beautiful sceneries at north Luangwa national park thus experiencing the wilderness of Africa.

2. Wildlife In North Luangwa National Park

You will only find the big five animals north luangwa national park with many lions and the herds of buffalo that pass through the park with many other animals like the elephant, cooksons wildebeest,



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