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The following are the top best activities done at Barotse floodplain national park and they include;

  1. Game drives
  2. Guided walks/natural walk
  3. Cannoning
  4. Balloon / tubing
  5. Mountain biking
  6. Golfing


1.Game Drives

Game drives, in either open or closed (with pop-top) 4×4 vehicles are pretty much standard fare on all safaris – either as a shared experience with other camp guests or with your own driver/guide in a private vehicle.

They say that going on a game drive is like going to see the movie, but that taking a guided walk is like reading the book. Actually, I don’t know if anyone ever said that, but I think you get the idea. Walking is more about the smaller things (and the big things look even bigger on foot!).


2.Guided Walks / natural walk

Guided walks are generally also available from most camps and lodges where walking is allowed. Most walking on safari is done in the mornings with an armed (and licensed) guide, and generally for only a couple of hours as an activity option. Be warned: some walks offered are really only nature walks and are conducted in close proximity to camp or within. There are also walking trails and trails camps. In recent times the true walking trail, where you walk from camp to camp, has been dumbed-down somewhat. Now it mostly consists of a walking camp, from where the main focus of the safari is on walking (although game drives are also offered). Very few true walking trails remain. A slight variation is the fabulously down-to-earth walking safaris in Laikipia and Loita Hills in Kenya. Here, they will transport all your overnight camping gear by a string of camels (or mules) and local Maasai guides escort you across the open savannah. Very cool.

Speak with an Africa travel specialist about the type of walking safari you are looking for.


There are canoe safaris on the Zambezi River, above the Victoria Falls. But it is the Lower Zambezi (below Kariba dam) that is the home of the most exhilarating multi-day canoe safaris. From participatory (putting up your own tent,  with food preparation) through to luxury camping (large tents and serviced – waiter/cook and camp staff). This is an exciting adventure activity that I highly recommend, although you will need to overcome any apprehension about crocodiles and hippos beforehand! All canoe safaris have experienced river guides and incidents are few and far between.

  1. Balloon Safaris / tubing

In my humble opinion, some of the VERY best locations to enjoy a balloon ride are on safari. It’s one of the best activities while on safari. Balloon over the open grass plains of the Masai Mara or Serengeti, or above the stunning sand dunes of the Namib Desert in Namibia. And soon over the lush waters of the Okavango Delta!

Whilst on safari you may transfer between camps by small charter planes (e.g. Okavango Delta) or between game reserves (e.g. Samburu to Masai Mara in Kenya). These flights offer a wonderful view of these regions from the air and you should always have your camera at the ready. Fast shutter speed, min 1/500, and a polarising filter – if you have one. But if the opportunity arises, I strongly recommend a microlight flight (available at Tafika Camp in South Luangwa, Zambia). Or a flip in a helicopter (available by prior arrangement throughout the Okavango Delta in Botswana)…or arrange a complete helicopter itinerary along the Great Rift valley in Kenya. Some truly stunning photographic opportunities and an exhilarating experience.

5.Mountain Biking

You might think there would not be place for either of these on safari. Wrong! They’re great activities while on safari! In certain locations quad bikes come into their own and are a wonderful experience. For example, on the Makgadikgadi Pans in Botswana quad bikes are the best way to get right out onto the pans and experience complete openness and isolation. Some of the Kalahari game reserves in Namibia also offer quad bike trails as a game drive. And in Swakopmund and Walvis Bay, you can arrange for quad biking adventures in the nearby dunes.

Only a few game reserves offer mountain biking, usually with an armed ranger/guide. These include Remote Africa Safaris in South Luangwa, Zambia, Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana, Mihingo Lodge at Lake Mburo in Uganda, and on a number of private reserves in the Eastern Cape in South Africa.


Zambia has some of the highest species concentrations on the continent and some of the most beautiful and wild birding destinations to get your ticks!

A fascinating way to spot the birds of the Zambezi area is on a canoeing safari. Drift down with the current with binoculars and checklist in hand and take it all in. Lots of excellent game sightings too. Choose from a tranquil upper Zambezi cruise just above the Victoria Falls or a wilder adventure paddle down the lower Zambezi with game parks on either side of the river.

One of Africa’s most prized birding spots is Lochinvar National Park, a small 450km2 game park on the Kafue floodplains which has 428 known species – that’s almost a different bird species for every square kilometre!

Try one of Zambia’s legendary walking safaris in the main parks. All you take is your binoculars, and your guide will ensure your safety and comfort as you spot many of Zambia’s unique species.

Most of the game lodges in Zambia have expert guides who are skilled bird spotters and who will be happy to take you on walks or drives through the bush.


7.Caves in Barotse floodplain national park.

These are archeological site in Zambia. The site has yielded artifacts that date from the MesolithicNeolithic and the Iron Age. The caves are a source of stratified, in situ deposits with faunal and human remains. Mumbwa, with its interior structures, demonstrates the complexity of the behavioral abilities of the people from the Mesolithic. Selection of raw materials along with features such as hearths suggests a population which was modern in its behaviors used to inhabit the Mumbwa  and ather caves include Nsalu Cave, Nachikufu Caves


Whether for entertainment, primary motivation or secondary activity, golf attracts thousands of travellers every year. Considering this enthusiasm for a sport, many global organisations and tour operators have started arranging golf tours, which is not only boosting the sport but also creating opportunities for tourism in that particular place.


Due to advanced technology , the best 8 safari activities in Barotse floodplain National park can all be booked online .please check the ones of your choice on their social media pages. I kindly remind you to make your booking at least a month before your tour.

You can also plan your tour with Kubwa five safari in order to have a great time every step of the way.