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Top Five Best Safari Lodges In Mikumi

Top Five Best Safari Lodges In Mikumi

Below is a blog containing Top Five Best Safari Lodges In Mikumi National Park, their, categories, types,  prices, and location.

Mikumi national park is found in Tanzania. It is near Morogoro covering a total land area of 3,230 square kilometers and was established in 1964. This is the fourth largest park in the country and is crossed by Tanzania’s A-7 highway. Because of its accessibility, Mikumi is one of the most popular parks in Tanzania. The park has different types of accommodation to suit all tourists that as luxurious accommodation for those seeking luxury, and mid-range accommodation for those seeking comfort rather than luxury and budget accommodation.

The best hotels in Mikumi National Park include the following;

1. Vuma Hills Tented Camp

Top Five Best Safari Lodges In Mikumi

Nestled in the forest of the Vuma Mountains that overlook the Mkata Plains, Vuma Hills Tented Camp is perched above the trees stretching over the seemingly endless wilderness southwest of Mikumi National Park. It is located just six kilometers from the park gate and enjoys an elevated vantage point that overlooks the Mkata Plains of Mikumi National Park. Vuma Hills Tented Camp is a medium-sized, classic tented safari camp, which is presented in colonial style. Vuma Hills Tented Camp is a luxurious type of accommodation.

Having about sixteen extremely luxurious and colonially-styled tents that are comfortably furnished, the camp has its swimming pool, ensuite bathroom facilities, and central dining and bar area while activities include extensive guided safari game drives. Vuma Hills Tented Camp prides itself on delivering exclusive camping African style, which combines creature comforts with an authentic bush experience. Vuma Hills Tented Camp remains open all year round and is a luxurious accommodation.

Amenities offered include

Full board including safaris

Comfortable beds

Spacious tents


Shaded terrace

Swimming pools

Hot water

Bar and dining area


Airport transfers

Swimming pool

Activities at Vuma Hills include; bush breakfast, bush walks, bush dining, picnic lunches in the bush, game drives, and game viewing.

2. Serena Mivumo River Lodge

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This Lodge is found within the largest game reserve in Africa which is Selous Game Reserve. It is a boutique lodge set on the banks of River Rufiji and possesses glorious views over Stieglers Gorge. The type of accommodation here is luxurious and it has twelve rooms in total. The rooms overlook the swimming pool and river providing a scenic view.

Amenities that make it a luxurious accommodation include;

Rooms with private sundeck and plunge pool

Luxury bathrooms with alfresco showers

Central dining with scenic views

Safari bar with a view of River Rufigi



Outdoor swimming pool


Dedicated butler service

Minibar in the rooms

Tea and coffee-making facilities

Telephone services

LCD televisions


Ceiling fan

Laundry services and

valet, air conditioning

En suite private bathroom


Viewing deck.

There are services offered inside Serena Mivumo Lodge and while some of them come as part of the package, charges may apply to some of them. They include; massaging, canoeing, couples massage, swimming pool, airport transfers, wake-up service or alarm clock, daily housekeeping, and express check-in or check-out.

The activities offered include; river safaris, bush dining, guided nature walks, hot spring bathing, game viewing, bush walks, sundowner cruises, bush and sandbank picnics, and others.

3. Tan-Swiss Lodge

andBeyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge | Tanzania Safari - YouTube

Tan Swiss Lodge is found on the Dar es Salaam – Zambia/Malawi highway, two kilometers west of Mikumi National Park. It offers a simple yet comfortable accommodation to the tourists making it a mid-range. Mid-range focuses on comfort rather than luxury. All rooms are equipped with king-sized beds and an ensuite bathroom and a private terrace that overlooks the garden.

Amenities available there include

Airport transfers


Free wifi services

Air conditioning

Swimming pool

Clean rooms

Airport transfers

Air conditioning

A private bathroom

Sitting area

A socket near the bedclothes rack restaurant

Kid’s outdoor play equipment

Pets are allowed


24-hour front desk service

Provision for disabled guests

Family rooms

Activities offered by Tan Swiss Lodge include; live music or performance, a tour or class about local culture, walking tours, game drives, hiking, and a children’s playground.

There is effective security on the premises that is, fire extinguishers in case of fire breakouts, CCTV cameras on and within the premises, key access, and 24-hour security.

4.Mikumi Wildlife Camp

The camp is located in the heart of Mikumi National Park, and is the ideal stopover for travelers, traveling to Ruaha and Katavi National Parks and is nearest to the Southern gate of Mikumi National Park. It provides a breathtaking view of the savanna vegetation of the park and harbors the best location for adventurous safaris.

The camp has six Bandas, which is a thatched house, with twelve rooms in total each offering en-suite bathrooms. The thatched houses can accommodate four people in two separate rooms. The camp is characterized by a lounging area, dining area, and a bar overlooking the waterhole giving the tourists lodging there a good view of animals when they gather around the waterhole in the dry season.

Provisions in the camp include;

airport transfers,

wheelchair provisions,

laundry facilities,

swimming pools,

indoor fireplace,

satellite TV


restaurant on premises

parking on premises

bar services


free bottled water in rooms

free toiletries

coffee making facilities

free breakfast

couples private dining

The rooms are in different sizes containing either single beds or double beds and a provision for families. Each room has a terrace, a large veranda, and comfortable queen-sized beds with clean bedding.
Activities offered include; game viewing, game drives, guided nature walk, birding, visiting Kindle and Choma waterfalls, private picnics, and outdoor entertainment.

5.Camp Bastian Mikumi

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Situated in a unique, peaceful, and natural environment, just outside the Mikumi National Park lies the beautiful accommodation. It is an eccentric camp offering comfortable accommodation and a warm and friendly atmosphere making it a good option for both one looking for a peaceful rest while on a road trip or one going for a safari. It is situated ten kilometers from Mikumi National Park. It is a mid-range accommodation.

The camp consists of seven cabins in different sizes and they possess locally made furniture to create an authentic homey feeling. The cabins have single beds and double beds and a cabin can contain a maximum of nine guests in a four bedroom cabin. Each cabin has a veranda at the front with large interior sitting areas.

Amenities offered at the camp include;

Free Parking

Swimming pool

Bicycle rentals

Kid’s outdoor play equipment

secured parking

bar or lounging services

kid friendly buffet

snack bar

airport transfers

BBQ facilities

Outdoor furniture

Sun terrace

Laundry services


wifi services

free breakfast

pets allowed


special diet menus

Activities offered by the camp include; game drives, game viewing, guided nature walks, birding, visiting Kindle and Choma waterfalls, and historical visits to Kalenga.

Safari Tour Planning Details

Before going on a safari, one must have a plan. In one’s plan, one must have a budget concerning the accommodation, food, and park entrance fees.  One must also know the kind of clothes to carry for a safari as shouting colors are usually prohibited. If in case one wants one of the Top best safari lodges in Mikumi National Park then one will have to either talk to their tripadvisorr travel agents or can even read online articles.

Animals found at Mikumi National Park

Several animals are found at Mikumi National Park. A larger percentage of grazers compared to preying animals exist there. The preying animals include; lions, leopards, cheetahs, and spotted hyenas while the grazers include elephants, buffalos, giraffes, Burchell’s zebras, sable elands, Liechtenstein’s hartebeests, jackals, wildebeest, gazelles, hippopotamuses, topis, and others. Bird species at the park include marabou stork, red-billed ox peckers, little grebe, Egyptian goose, harlequin quail, red-chested cuckoo, guinea fowls, malachite Kingfisher, francolin, cattle egret and top five best safari lodges in Mikumi provide a clear view of some of these animals.

The best time to Visit Mikumi National Park

Mikumi National Park can be visited at any time of the year but the dry season is undoubtedly the best season to visit the park in. The dry season runs from June to October and it is when most activities take place at the park as compared to the wet season.

The dry season is also favorable for adventurous tourists who like to explore whereas the more reserved and budget tourists would prefer to travel in the wet season between November to May because, during this time, the number of tourists visiting is low therefore rates are low for example hotel owners usually offer a discount at this time and flight rates are also a bit cheaper. And bird watching is also perfect in the wet season.

During the dry season, the vegetation thins out and animals concentrate around waterholes making it easy to spot them. This is usually the high season as very many tourists are visiting to carry out activities such as hiking, game drives, nature walks, cultural walks, bird watching, and many others.

Mikumi National Park Fees

The rates keep varying from time to time and so there are no specific fees.


One can fly to Julius Nyerere National Airport found in Dar es Salaam. Because the park is located near the city of Dar es Salaam, its entrance is easy to find and almost all safaris of Mikumi National Park start from Dar es Salaam.

The Dar es Salaam-Morogoro route is the most popular road option for visiting Mikumi National Park.

By road: Mikumi National National Park can be accessed by a direct highway that starts from Dar es Salaam through Mikumi National Park. The drive takes from 4 to 5 hours if using private means and if using public means it may go beyond due to frequent stops by buses.

The advantage of using road transport is that the drive is more scenic and enjoyable especially if you use private means where you can make stopovers at significant tourist attractions and enjoy the views. Some attractions you can see on your way include the Udzungwa mountains. The roadway divides the park into two halves which is the Northern which is known for its accessibility, particularly for game drives over the Mkata Flood Plains. The park is only a few kilometers from Morogoro town.

By air: one can fly into Dar es Salaam’s Julius Nyerere International Airport and be picked up by their pre-arranged tour company which will transport the tourist straight to the park. There is also an airstrip serving the park which is called Kikoboga Airstrip. Safari Air Link, which flies to Ruaha, Selous, Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar daily is the only airline that flies to Kikoboga Airstrip.

By train: Also, Mikumi National Park can be accessed by railway transport. The train travels through the park’s interior as well as other bushy areas from Dar es Salaam. The train’s sluggish speed makes it one of the best ways to view the region because it allows you to spend more time looking out the windows and taking in the beautiful scenery.

Activities at Mikumi National Park

Several activities can be carried out at Mikumi National Park but the most common ones include game drives, bird watching, nature walks, hiking, and cultural visits.

Game drives; This activity involves driving around the park in usually a 4×4 car and is usually done by a tour guide and a game ranger. The tour guide must give tourists accurate information on what they are seeing and answer their questions correctly while the game ranger is for security reasons. During game drives, one can view animals, bird species, and plant species found in the park. Mikumi National Park has both morning and night game drives.

Bird watching; Mikumi National Park has over four hundred bird species making it a very good spot to carry out birding. some bird species found in the park include; marabou stork, red-billed ox peckers, little grebe, Egyptian goose, harlequin quail, red-chested cuckoo, guinea fowls, malachite Kingfisher, francolin, and cattle egrets. A tourist going to participate in bird watching needs to carry a pair of binoculars to view the birds.

Nature walk; Mikumi National game park has a beautiful and scenic landscape that makes nature walk interesting. It is done with the presence of a tour guide who leads the tourists and keeps pointing out important features in the park for example tree species and a game ranger for security reasons. The paths take about four to five hours to complete and can be done across Vuma, Miombo woodland, Mikumi wildlife resort, and Kikoboga.

Hiking; Hiking is a long vigorous walk usually done on trails or footpaths. This kind of walking developed in Europe during the eighteenth century. The difference between nature walks and hiking is that during hiking, one encounters elevation change and Mikumi National Park has a variety of hiking trails such as the Hippo pool, the Mkata Plain, and the Kikoboga trail.

Attractions at Mikumi National Park

Attractions at Mikumi National Park include; the Uluguru Mountains, the Hippo pool, Choma waterfalls, Lupanga Peak, and others.

Ulunguru Mountains; The Uluguru Mountains are a mountain range in eastern Tanzania, named after the Luguru tribe. It is a collection of peaks and Mikumi National Park lies between Uluguru mountains and Lumango ranges.

Choma Waterfalls; Choma is a village about eight kilometers from Morogoro town. The waterfall can be seen from It is situated among the Uluguru mountains. The waterfalls are a hiking place that takes six to seven hours to return. Choma waterfalls have cool waters that are suitable for swimming.

Lupanga Peak; Lupanga peak lies about 2150 meters above sea level and it is the second highest peak of Uluguru mountains. It takes about ten to twelve hours to walk to the peak.

What is so special at Mikumi National Park?

Firstly, Mikumi National Park is home to part of the big five that is lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalos. this makes it special because most tourists love to see the big five. Secondly, it is also a birding paradise as it is home to more than 400 bird species. Examples of the birds include; spur-winged goose, white-faced whistling duck, knob-billed duck, helmeted guinea fowl, eastern crested guinea fowl, crested francolin, coqui francolin, common quail, speckled pigeon, mourning collared dove, red-eyed dove, ring-necked dove, and many others. The park also has beautiful scenery characterized by its scenic plains and baobabs. The scenic landscapes include Chizua Waterfalls and Kinole Waterfalls.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is so special about Mikumi National Park?

2. What is the best time to visit Mikumi National Park?

Mikumi National Park can be visited at any time of the year but the dry season is undoubtedly the best. If one visits the park during the dry season they are most likely to enjoy more compared to one who visits in the wet season. In the wet season, some parts of the park are even inaccessible building more on the concept that the dry season is the best month to visit the park in.

During the dry season, vegetation thins out, animals concentrate in waterholes such as the hippo pool thus making it easy to spot the animals.

The best time for a budget tourist to visit Mikumi is however the wet season. During this season, hotel rates are low and they offer discounts, flight rates are low simply because it is a low season.

3. Why visit Mikumi National Park?

For adventure lovers, one should visit Mikumi National Park because it has several activities to be carried out, especially in the dry season such as game drives, hiking, and bird watching.

For nature lovers, Mikumi National Park has a variety of plant species, savannah vegetation, Uluguru mountains, Choma waterfalls and forests. Plant species at the park include acacia, baobabs, tamarinds, and palm trees.

Also, press the ence of the big four is another reason for one to visit Mikumi National Park. The park has got lions, buffalos, elephants and leopards. aside from those, there are also other animal species found in the park. The park is also a home to four hundred bird species making it a good birding spot for bird lovers.

For cultural tourists, one should visit Mikumi National Park because it offers cultural tourism and has different cultures that is Masaai culture, Kinole culture, Choma culture, and Madola culture.

4. How big is Mikumi National Park?

5. What is the most visited park in Tanzania?