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Top Best 10 Things To Do In Zanzibar On A Vacation

Top Best 10 Things To Do In Zanzibar On A Vacation

The  following are the top best 10 things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation and they include, beach tours, prison island trips, stone town excursions, old fort expeditions, cuza cave trips, hot air balloon trips, cycling adventures, spice island excursions, Mikumi day safaris, Quad biking, Kizimkazi dolphin Excursion, butterfly garden centre tours among others.

Zanzibar also known as the spice island is a historical trade center with Islamic and Swahili influence that joined with 50 islands among which include Pemba, Mafia, Island, Gulio Island, Sangi Island, Kwale Island, Gozini, Karange Island, Mwambamwamba island among other small islands together with the mainland Tanganyika with an aim of forming the Republic of Tanzania. Among the islands consist of two large famous islands known  commonly known as Pemba and Unguja. Zanzibar is distanced 20-50 kilometers from the coast of Tanzania and 35 kilometers off the coast of east-central Africa.

Zanzibar is one of the world’s romantic places with a gateway to various wildlife safaris including birds, marines, terrestrials and famous for large clove plantations. It is also a destination for mountain hikes and kayaking on the world’s clearest water among others. This makes it a great spot to the top 10 things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation.

1. Beach Tours In Zanzibar

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Beach tours are among the top best 1o things to do in Zanzibar for a vacation. Being an Island, Zanzibar has got a good number of famous beaches spotted around the country by various vacationist from different parts of the world for there beach holidays. The best time to visit Zanzibar is in the dry seasons of July to September if you are interested in beach activities. Zanzibar has got the best beaches on the southeast shore including Bwejuu a white sand beach with palp lined on the island, Matemwe Beach, Uroa Bay, Nakupenda Beach, Paje Beach, Jambiani Beach, Nungwi Beach and Kendwa Beach, Kiwengwa Beach. Activities done on these beaches include;

Swimming, Zanzibar is a beautiful spot for Swimming to the beach holiday makers. Kizimkazi is the common beach in Zanzibar where you’re guaranteed to see beautiful bottle nose dolphins in the ocean. If you are mostly interested in snorkeling diving or swimming with different species of amazing marine creatures, Kizimkazi is the best spot for your vacation.

2. Prison Island Trips In Zanzibar


Prison Island also known as Changuu Island is an old slave prison located in the western part of Zanzibar Island after stone town. It was established in 1960s as a coral mine and a prison to rebellious slaves. The island is a home to popular giant Tortoises that can live on earth with over 200 years and this makes it spoted as one of the destination for the top 10 things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation.

The giant Aldabra Tortoise is among the famous tourist attractions in the Prison Island. The weight of the tortoise is 250kg and with a length of 550 pounds. There age is printed on there shells and the oldest tortoise is 196 years old. If your are more interested in quiet and calm places for relaxation, prison island is a perfect destination. it is also an ideal place for sunbathing. Under the flawless clear water, you will dive and swim with different sea marines like lionfish, octopus, dolphins, turtles, clams, eels and others.

3. Stone Town Excursions In Zanzibar

The stone town is among the tourist destinations in Zanzibar with popular tourism activities that are spoted for the top 1o things to do in Zanzibar. The destination should not be missed out on your itinerary while planning for excursions in Zanzibar. Stone town is one of the oldest cities in Zanzibar with various tourism destinations like the Malindi Mosque, St Joseph’s Catholic Cathedral among others.

The town town is mostly known for Cultural, historical and Religious excursions. The Oman of Zanzibar turned the Stone Town into a prosperous Indian Ocean trading center. The Stone Town got it’s name from the fancy homes built with local stones by the enslaved East Africans and the Arab traders. All the creates various historical background to the stone town.

4. Old Fort Expeditions In Zanzibar

Old fort also known as the Arab Fort was initially constructed by the Portuguese during the 17th century and later was re-constructed by the Oman Arabs in the 18th century after dismissing the Portuguese in 1699.In the 19th century, it was used as a prison and garrison as well as a terminal for Zanzibar railways from 1905 to 1928. The old Fort is a famous tourist destination for various tourism activities such as nature walk, birdwatching, photography among others that are spoted to be the top 10 things to do in Zanzibar. There are more additional top sights spotted around the Old fort which including;

  • Katawba Falls
  • Arrow Gallery and studio
  • Old Fort Railroad museum
  • Swannanoa Gap
  • Davidson’s Fort Historic Park

5. Cuza Cave Trips In Zanzibar

Your visit to Cuza Cave heritage center for a cultural trip is one of the top 10 best things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation. Cuza Cave is a 50 meters round sink hole located in the middle of a small jungle of Jambiani on the Coast of Zanzibar in the east. Cuza cave contains both natural and artificial attractions that will suite your purpose of travel.

In this place, you will have a chance of swimming in the 3 meters deep, fresh and clear healing waters of Zanzibar, it is a nice spot for art and wonderful sceneries with sculptures. In the same place, you will also discover the Swahili history from it’s origin at the cave and including Swahili cultural dances. Other cultural heritage sites in Zanzibar include;

  • Nwingwi cultural village
  • Mtende cave
  • Pangwani coral cave

6. Hot Air Balloon Trips In Zanzibar

Hot air balloon rides are among the top 10 best things to do in Zanzibar. The country is a wonderful destination to spot hot air balloon rides. This is because of the beautiful sceneries of both natural and artificial attractions such as beaches, wildlife, mountain among others. Hot air balloons in Zanzibar mainly takes place over the Stone Town city, Prison Island, Spice farms and Jozani Forest.

Other hot air balloon rides include rides from Zanzibar to Serengeti where you will have a chance of viewing over two million wildebeests migrating in the seasonal rains, across the Serengeti Plains while searching for green pastures.

7. Cycling Adventures In Zanzibar

Cycling adventures are among the top 10 cheap things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation. With cycle trips, you will be able to discover some of  Zanzibar’s hidden treasures including highlands and beaches alongside other attractions.

There are various bike routes popular for off road adventures heading to famous destinations including the stone town, Nwingwi, Islands, villages like Bwejuu and Paje where you will have a chance of interaction with the local people as well as discovering more fascinating sites. With cycling, you will be exposed to a unique perspectives of Zanzibar’s attractions including the natural beauty of Jozani forests where you will find colobus monkeys on your ride, the green plantations of rice plus the warm tropical climate.

8. Spice Island Tours In Zanzibar

Spice island trip is also one of the top 10 things to do in Zanzibar on a vacation. Spice island is situated along one of the old trade routes in Zanzibar. A trip to spice Island involves walking around the spice plantations, learning and discovering the spices and there use. The Spice Farm tour takes about 3 to 4 hours for the trip to be complete. Whenever you’re preparing for a Spice island trip, curry with you jumpsuits, long dresses and gumboots due to the variety of spices grown allover the island that may cause skin irritations mostly to the allergic tourists.

9. Mikumi Day Safari In Zanzibar

Mikumi National Park is a famous national park near Morogoro. The park is located between Uluguru and Lumango ranges. It is the forth largest national park in Zanzibar nickname as the little Serengeti covering an area of 3,230 square kilometers.

It was gazette as a national park in 1964 and it is also one of the famous and accessible national parks in the country harboring a variety of bird and animal species. The park got its name after the spindle shaped Borassus palm trees. The period to visit Zanzibar should be during June to October in the dry seasons since its the period when wild animals scatter around waterbodies like rivers, lakes and swamps.

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1o. Quad Bike Adventure In Zanzibar

Quad bike adventures in Zanzibar are among the top 10 best things to do on a vacation. They are fun off-road and enjoyful activities done by most vacations during there visit to Zanzibar. This activity brings you closer to the beauty of the island, you will also be able to view various plantations including spices and some highlands through remote villages. This activity will also bring you close to the natural environment, interaction with the locals as well as understanding there cultural practices.

11. Kizimkazi Dolphin Excursion

The dolphin excursion in Zanzibar is a short time excursion at Kizimkazi fishing village and it is located on the south coast of Zanzibar. January to February and from June to October is the best period for sighting and swimming with dolphins during the dry seasons. Dolphins are most active during the morning and evening hours. They can easily be spotted in areas with less water and always seen where there are low tides and in the bright and cloudy days. The costs for swimming with dolphins is only USD 15 to 25 in the Kizimkazi’s beach clear waters.

12. Butterfly Garden Centre Tour In Zanzibar

The butterfly Centre in Zanzibar is a famous tourist destination located on the Zanzibar island. The garden is a natural habitat to several butterfly species of about 50 species of butterflies and the endangered Acherontia Atropos in the  butterfly house. There are also other attractions and tourist activities including nature trails, historical and cultural landmarks mostly known for the Old fort and the Stone town including other outdoor activities like lectures on butterflies among others.

Accommodation facilities in Zanzibar for vacationist

Zanzibar is one of the most well developed countries in East Africa with more advanced cities and towns where you will spot numerous lodges and hotels that will offer you more than what you would expect for your vacation. The country has got both Luxury, Midrange and Budget hotels that suites your vacation as shown below;

Luxury hotels, Here you will live like a King, Zanzibar is among the countries with the best luxury hotels where a clients receive more care and services beyond their expectations expects. You will be offered all the services such as 24/7 room service, concierge, a pickup and drop-off shuttle/car service  gym and pool facilities, a 24 hours bar, swimming pool among others.

  • Melia Zanzibar
  • Park Hyatt Zanzibar
  • Zanzibar White luxury Villas and Spa
  • Nwingi dreams by mantis
  • Royal Zanzibar beach resort

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Midrange hotels, mainly for people who value there money and need more bigger room, more services plus other related amenities. You will find these hotels also in Zanzibar and some of them include;

  •   beach hotel
  • Z-hotel
  • Zanzibar gold hotel
  • Nungwi dreams hotel
  • Doubletree hotel

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Budget hotels in Zanzibar provides minimum amenities and services at a lower prices than regular hotels in the area. You will get clean and safe rooms that will meet all your needs. The cost will increase depending on the services you need to be offered. Some of the Budget hotels in Zanzibar include;

  • Zanzibar Coffee House
  • Pongwe Bay Resort.
  • Pongwe Beach Hotel
  • Tembo House Hotel
  • Reef & Beach Resort

Frequently Asked Questions;

1. What to do in Zanzibar for a week?

Things to do in Zanzibar for a week including diving and snorkeling, swimming, nature walks, cycling, nature walking and cultural activities.

2. Is Zanzibar safe?

Yes Zanzibar is safe to Visit. however you should be careful with your property due as there might be some thieves mostly in the tourism centers.

3.What to do in Zanzibar When It Rains?

  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Bike tours

4.What is Zanzibar best known for?

Zanzibar is best known for large plantations of spices and the clear fresh water sand beaches.

5. How many days in Zanzibar is enough?

About 4 to 5 days should be enough in Zanzibar.

6. What is the most beautiful part of Zanzibar?

Paje Beach, on the southeast coast, is the most beautiful part of Zanzibar. The has most tranquil and idealistic characterful destinations and natural beauty is sighted.

Visit the Africa’s leading beach destination and have the wonderful experience of different attractions and tourist activities from different parts of Zanzibar. experience the superb marine wildlife experiences, clearly understand the slave historical background, see the sky come to life, among other fantastic features of the world.