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Katavi plains are acknowledged for their spectacular concentration of a huge number of mammals in the dry season which is actually the outstanding time for a Tanzania wildlife tour in the park. Katavi National Park is known as the third largest national park within Tanzania, it was created in 1974 with an aim of conserving hundreds of animals from illegal hunting and poaching activities for bush meat.

The park is situated in the Southern region of Tanzania in Mpanda district alongside the headquarters located 40 kilometers South of Mpanda town. Katavi National Park can be accessed by use of railway, road and air transport means. Katavi National Park in most exciting during the dry season when the flood plains become dry and zebras, lions, and giraffes and many more gather at the remaining waters

Reasons as to why you should visit Katavi national park are as follows;

Bird watching/Birding

Birding Katavi – Birds of Katavi National Park Birding Katavi – Birds of Katavi National Park Katavi National Park Tanzania, Activities & Safari Lodges

Katavi National Park is mostly visited during the times of dry seasons nevertheless, this is not the most favorable time for bird watching however, the rivers aid a large number of bird species associated with water involving great flocks of storks such as the yellow billed, saddle billed stork and open billed.

Game drives

In Katavi National Park, game drives are best executed within the Katuma River, Chada and Lake Katavi as well as flood plains such as Chada and Katsunga. The National Park extends tourists both day and night game drives even though it no longer hires out 4 by 4 wheels drive.

NB; Morning game drives usually starts at around 6:30am till 6:30pm, while the night game drive starts at 8pm till 11pm.

Nature walks

This is the one of the adventurous activity within Katavi National Park where the travelers get a chance to explore the park on foot. The activity starts with a briefing at park headquarters after where you will start trekking following various trails within the park like trails to Lake Katavi which gives you great views of Ndidi waterfalls, Chorangwa, Lukima and many more.

Katuma River

File:Katuma River.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

The Katuma River is known as the rope of the park, being the only perennial source of drinking water of the wildlife during the dry seasons. Hundreds of crocodiles and hippos congregate around the scarce waterholes and thousands of zebras, topis and impalas pass over the plain.

Lake Katavi

One of the best viewing spots in Katavi National Park is Lake Katavi. Travelers surveying the lake also have opportunity to pay a visit to the renowned sacred tamarind tree that is to say; the tree of the sprit known by the local Bende Pimbwe communities.


In the Katavi National Park, camping is perfect for the travelers who really love nature and it is a great activity for tourists looking to spend quality time with their loved ones. Camping which is offered to the tourists are both lazy and wilderness in Katavi National Park.

Katsunga Plains

Plain - Wikipedia Plain - Wikipedia Plain - Wikipedia

These plains are known as one of the best wildlife viewing places in Tanzania after Serengeti National Park. This area is perfect for sighting unique wildlife species like sable antelopes and roan during a game drive.


Travellers who are willing to approach Katavi Natioanl Park can use the following means when travelling;

Travel by train

Katavi National Park can be approached by use of train from Dar es Salam through Tabora and then straight to Sitalike where game drives can be arranged.

Travel by Road

Travelers can also approach Katavi National Park by road from Dar es Salam on the way to Mbeya which is about 1513km.

Travel by air

Travelers who are travelling to Katavi National Park, by air can charter a flight from Dar es Salam, Arusha to Mpanda airport which is situated in Mpanda town 86km away from the park.


In the course of June to October, the animals more visible against short, dry grass, crowd into diminishing water sources in herds of thousands, and the raw savagery of natural raw limits the populations to what can be sustained in the eternal balance between predator and prey.

The dry season is sizzling and dusty, with no idyllic charm of the growing season, but it offers life throbbing thrills to the less squeamish realist who knows what to expect of journey in untamed Africa. From the month of June and beyond, the water starts to diminish.


In Katavi National Park, there is mold ability as each camp and lodge in Katavi gives a specific ambience in a very individual manner, in that a rigid hierarchical star rating is not possible of any authentic safari lodge. Katavi only has a few only accommodations situated in specific areas of the park.

Luxury lodges within Katavi National park are as follows; Lake Duluti Lodge, Onsea lodge, which is a very pleasant and comfortable accommodation outside Arusha town.

Mid range lodges within Katavi National Park are as follows; planet lodge, Karama Lodge,  and Manyara Wildlife Safari Camp which is located in the rolling grasslands overlooking Lake Manyara National Park and gives travelers privacy.

Semi luxury lodges include the following; Mbalageti Safari Camp which is located in Western corridor of the Serengeti National Park, Tarangire Tortills Camp, and Masai Lodge


In Katavi National Park, there is a variety of activities that travelers can do that is to say; birdwatching, guided nature walk, game drives and alike.