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Our Guides / Drivers

Raymond: Raymond recently joined our team. He began working in the industry over 15 years ago. His vast travel experience to different conservation locations around the world made him fall in love with the Tanzanian wildlife in particular. He is eager to show others what Tanzania has to offer in comparison to other locations. Raymond is also passionate about cooking Mediterranean cuisine. When he is not working he spends most of his time in an apron discovering the next best recipe. He enjoys cooking dishes like paella and he also likes to make Spanish inspired cocktails. He also loves to spend quality time with his family. Raymond has 3 children. Raymond is fluent in English and Spanish. Peter: Peter has been in the tour industry for over 7 years. He is a senior diver guide who is very familiar with all the major destinations Uganda has to offer. Some of his daily duties include transferring guests between airports, hotels, camps, and tourist attraction areas in Uganda. Peter’s great attitude, excellent driving skills and his diverse knowledge of the plants and animals of this area makes him an excellent tour guide. He strives to bring you on a tour you will never forget. He proudly shares his knowledge of the wildlife with openness and a touch of humor. Peter’s favorite part of his guiding tours are showing off the beautiful sunrises and sunsets of the area. He is fluent in English. Emmanuel: Emmanuel has worked for 17 years in the safari industry. Before becoming a full time guide, Emmanuel worked as a field guide trainer on Cats and their behavior. Emmanuel is passionate about being very accommodating to his guests and enjoys making them feel as satisfied as possible. He is also a nature connessiour and likes learning about all creatures large and small. On Emmanuel’s time off he enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also likes spending time relaxing by himself with a good book to read. He is fluent in English. Robby: Robby has become part of our team this year. With his hardworking attitude, he is determined to be one of our best tour guides. Robby is passionate and very knowledgeable about Tanzanian wildlife. Robby is also very good with working with children. This makes him one of the best tour guides to go out on an adventure with our Family Groups. On Robby’s days off he enjoys spending time sight-seeing with his children. He also enjoys snuggling up with his kids watching channels like the Discovery channel to learn more about his passion, the animal kingdom. He is fluent in English. Rajab: Rajab has a very cheerful personality and he always has a smile on his face. Rajab has always dreamt of following after his father’s footsteps, who was an expert in exploring the Savannah of Tanzania. He hopes to one day be as good as his father was. He is now one of our key team members that we are very proud of. He loves to make people enjoy their tour and he likes to exceed their expectations. On his spare time, Rajab likes to spend time with his family and friends. He also enjoys exploring nature and learning new things. He is fluent in English. John: John is passionate about nature and outdoors activities. Safari guiding is not just a job for him but a passion as well. John is an avid mountain climber and has much knowledge of Tanzania`s rough terrain. He also loves to inspire people to enjoy the adrenaline pumping sports the country has to offer. Since John is so passionate about the outdoors he likes to spend his time off fishing, swimming and doing outdoor activities with his family and friends. John particularly likes football. He is fluent in English and German. Ernest: Ernest has worked in the industry for more than 12 years. Ernest is an integral part of our team. He ensures that we should take pride in our work. His goal in life is making sure everyone’s wildest dream comes true when they attend our guided tours. He aims to please every person that comes on our tour. He is fluent in English. Benson: Benson has been a driver for our company for several years. Since 1998 he has worked with various teams from around the world doing local tourism and hospitality work. He fell in love with our Kenyan tours and joined our team while he was working with a church as a logistician. His work included planning trips for missionary teams visiting from the United States of America and other countries. He was also VIP driver in Kenya. One of the highlights of his career was that he had the privilege to drive the former Nigerian president, Obasanjo. He also drove many other African government officials. He is fluent in English.