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The best time to visit Chimanimani National Park in Zimbabwe depends on the activities you would like to participate in. The Chimanimani National Park is probably Africa’s least-known nature reserve. An hour’s jeep-ride from the village, it includes the magnificent Chimanimani Mountains, a massive barrier of ancient and jagged crystalline rock forming the border with Mozambique.

The park is breath-taking beauty and pristine environment of these mountains have always drawn adventurous travelers. At present the park provides only basic facilities, catering for the self-sufficient explorer. Hiking, rock climbing, birding, camping in caves among the sparkling waterfalls and natural swimming pools it’s a park for those who want nothing more than to revel in the heart-soothing loveliness of nature.

Here is the description of the best time to visit Chimanimani National Park.

The weather and climate in Chimanimani National Park

The park experiences two major seasons (winter and summer) which are the exact opposite of the usual winter and summer in Europe and Asia which are characterized by freezing temperatures and heat respectively.

Winter (Dry season) in Chimanimani National Park

The winter season in Chimanimani National Park takes place by August is the sunniest month with an average of 272 hours of sunshine. There is zero to no rainfall received and it is perfect for the most activities done at the park. some activities incclude;

  • Game viewing
  • Game drives
  • Self drives
  • Nature walks among others.

Summer (Wet season) in Chimanimani National Park

The wet season / rainy season takes place in the following months: January, February and December. This is the time of year where the majority of Chimanimani National Park’s annual precipitation occurs. It is characterised by rain storms. Some activities are extremely difficult to do because the shrubs, woodlands have really grown which limits how far you can see.

This season is however very ideal for;

  • Bird watching
  • Game viewing
My conclusion about when to visit Chimanimani National Park

Since the park is open all year around, you are free to come through any time you want but remember to put the weather into consideration. please book your tour with KUBWA5 SAFARIS. You will surely not regret having done so.