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Best 7 Activities To Do In Kasanka National Park In Zambia

The best 7 activities to do in Kasanka national park include; Game driving, Birding, Nature walks, Canoeing, Fishing, Game walking and Camping.

Kasanka national park is one of the smallest parks in Zambia and lesser known. But still booms in terms of beautiful and luxurious accommodation and the major ones within the park being Wasa lodge and Luwombwa lodge. These are accompanied by some guest houses, dormitories and camping sites with well built tents to accommodate tourists. The accommodation prices at the park are relatively affordable by all tourists. And all the earnings in the park are reinvested in the  park for further more growth of the park and building of its brand.

Have you ever meditated on a beautiful scenery anywhere in Africa? Kasanka National Park in Zambia is the answer. Its one of the smallest National Parks in the country covering around 400 sq km. Kasanka National Park is privately funded  and has operated ever since 1980’s with the most beautiful sceneries like River Luwombwa as one of the largest in the park, Lake Wasa being the largest lake, the bat birds at Mushitu as the base and so many other sceneries.


 1. Game Driving In Kasanka National Park

Game driving is the best way to view wildlife in Kasanka national park. This activity is carried out on a 4 x 4 well established safari vehicle. The vehicle is of open roof on the top and the windows too be open for proper viewing while on the game drive. During these game drives in Kasanka national park, not all animals are seen as wanted.

Meaning there is no guarantee to meet these animals but well spotted areas exist in the park where tourists can watch and even at times move out of the car and walk around in the game park. This is all done in the presence of a game ranger and a guide to direct and protect the tourists from dangers and restricted areas.

Game Driving In Kasanka National Park


   2. Birding In Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park is blessed with a cauldron of Bats and is one of the most famous tourism attraction in the game park. Flying all over the park must especially at Mushitu forest. This attracts so many other animals that also feed on the Bats as food. Scavengers, eagles and vultures are the most found at Mushitu that feed on the Bats. The bats feed on a variety of fruits in the park and hence the name Fruit Bats.

The most popular birds along the river includes the half-collated Kingfisher, Pel’s fishing owl, the lesser jacana and the African pygmy goose among other rare birds. Still in Kasanka National Park exists the forest Mushitu with also a wide variety of birds that keep flying around with beautiful colors and sounds that are pleasant to listen and watch.

The birds evidenced at Mushitu include; Brown-headed apalis, Green twinspot, Grey waxbill, Olive, Yellow-bellied, among others. However, not only at Mushitu forest and the shores of river Luwombwa can one find birds. These birds fly all over the park and some of the birds found are; The Whyte’s barbet, spotted creeper, scrub robin, red-capped crombec, Cabanis’s bunting among others.

Some of the fruits the bats eat at Kasanka national park are the local fruits such as mangoes, pawpaw’s, and some berries especially the water berry. These bats are assumed to have migrated from different parts of Africa and Congo spotted as one of the country source. The bats massive migration is due to the accumulation of variety of fruits in the forests found in the park. This happens in the months of October to December and is the very time the highest number of bats is found in the whole world approximately above Seven million Bats.

Kubwa Five Safaris - Kampala - Safarigo BEST 7 ACTIVITIES TO DO IN KASANKA


3. Nature Walks in Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park in Zambia is adored with several natural features and calls for the reason why its one of the  best nature walks in Africa for tourists. It has several rivers, lakes, landscape, vegetation, climate, mammals, birds among other nature that are really so attractive to look at. As per tourism as a global sector, it is characterized with difference in the likes by the tourists but with the nature in Kasanka national park, all tourist needs are covered about nature.

The activities done while carrying out nature walking in the park include Bird watching, wild viewing, Dip netting and this is specifically done on the shallow water bodies in the park for visitors who enjoy fishing as a hobby.


4. Canoeing in Kasanka National Park

Canoeing is one of the extremely a perfect activity to relieve stress and relax the body for the tourists as it gives the visitor the cool feeling and view of nature as they sail on the canoe boat. With the presence of water bodies in Kasanka National park, Canoeing is also another activity a tourist visits the Park. River Luwombwa being the largest in the park has facilitated the activity a lot. Tourists on the canoe boats can sail along the river watching birds, Aqua life, vegetation especially the riverine forests along the river.

Canoeing in Kasanka National Park

5. Fishing in Kasanka National Park

Several water bodies are found in Kasanka National Park and these act as fishing grounds to the visitors. It has lakes, rivers and swamps. Lake Wasa being the largest and then river Luwombwa being the largest river in the game park. The water bodies in the park are not so deep and so they favor several fishing methods for tourists. Tourists can use baskets, nets among others to catch fish and this fish is prepared and consumed by the visitors.


6. Game walking in Kasanka National Park

Kasanka national park also provides game viewing on a well established spot where the tourist is escorted by the game ranger with a gun. This is more lively and while on a game walk you really experience the exact feeling of being in the wild. Although this activity exists in the park, there are restrictions to visitors and not all visitors are accepted to have this kind of tours at the park. For their safety.

7. Camping in Kasanka National Park

Kasanka National Park also has enough space to accommodate camping tourists. For tourists who really want to camp and feel the wilderness experience, the camp provides the camping facilities to the tourists and protection is provided too by the game rangers to keep away wild animals from attacking the visitors.

In Conclusion

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