My Dashboard Blogging

We will create for you what we call my dashboard blogging. How does blogging at Kubwa Five Safaris benefit you as the guest blogger?

Your Blogging dashboard with us. Sometimes these posts aren’t due to an invitation by the host, but a pitch by the writer. So just what benefits do guest blogs bring to writers?

1) A Free Safari/Vacation With Kubwa Five Safaris:

We will give a free trip, you will join one of the safari trips, depending on the number of trips we have in a year, we may join more than two trips.

2) Exposure:

Guest blogging allows you to get your name and face seen by more people than ever before. Great, high quality content has become even more important as more readers are getting the majority of their news and information online instead of traditional outbound methods like a newspaper. Get yourself out there and get noticed!

3) Relationships:

For new or emerging writers and companies, guest blogging can help you build relationships. Having an ongoing relationship with bigger organizations or popular bloggers can lead to more opportunities, and boost the following benefits even more.

4) Audience Growth ( Social Media Growth):

Naturally, more exposure and more credibility will lead to a boost in social media followers. Writers want an audience and the bigger, the better. By guest blogging for a site with a large readership, your audience grows. Readers are likely to look at your own blog, as well as share your posts on their social media platforms.

5) Grow your personal brand:

Kubwa Five Safaris will allow you to submit a bio and your social media profile URLs to be published alongside the post. These links drive traffic and boost organic search rankings, resulting in better SEO reach for your social media platforms. Because the guest blog post provides backlinks, it’s important to provide only high-quality content.

Writing a guest blog for a bigger organization such as Kubwa Five Safaris extends your reach. If you engage the readers well, they will follow links back to your own social media or click on your bio details to find out more about you.

6) Fame:

We may be exaggerating a little here but if you have a good content strategy and several sites and companies will invite you to write for them, your name will become better known, and more opportunities will follow.