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10 Best Reasons To Visit Lake Mburo National Park In Uganda

Some of the 10 best reasons to visit Lake Mburo National Park are; wildlife, breathtaking sunsets, boat cruises, horseback riding and the beautiful scenery i.e. photogenic landscape which is made up of savannah vegetation, forests, lakes, swamps and woodlands. The common catch phrase, “Size does not matter” is a real thing at this park.


Some of the Top 10 best reasons to visit Lake Mburo National Park are; wildlife, breathtaking sunset, the beautiful scenery, boat cruises, and horseback riding.

Where is Lake Mburo National Park found?

Located in the Western region at a surface area of just 260 square Km, Lake Mburo Park is the smallest National Park in Uganda. Her small size should not deceive you because she is fully stocked with all forms of wildlife ranging from Buffaloes, Zebras, Impala, Hyenas, several Bird species and so many different wild animals at your disposal. 

Here are Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Lake National Park;

1. Wildlife In Lake Mburo National Park

This park is home to more than 65 wildlife species such as buffalo, hyena, impala, warthog, zebras (these are actually unique and in Uganda can only be found at Lake Mburo National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park) to mention but a few. The park is perfect for walking safaris because it has no lions and elephants which would have made walking on foot a not-so-great idea after all.

What Makes Lake Mburo Nark Park Famous - lake mburo attractions Lake Mburo National Park - uganda national parks ,uganda safaris

2. Bird Watching In Lake Mburo National Park

The Lake Mburo National Park’s forests and bushes harbor more than 350 different bird species. Bird watching (birding) can be done during a game drive, boat ride and on guided nature walks(foot), this is mainly done along the swamps of Miriti and Warukiri.

The birds species in Lake Mburo National Park include  kingfisher, red faced  barbet, brown parrot, the African grey hornbill, barefaced go-way bird, black-billed barbet, blue-napped mousebird, common quails, crested francolin, emerald spotted wood Dove, greenwood hoopoe,  and not forgetting to mention such other bird species such as;

Lilac-breasted Roller, Nubian woodpecker, Rednecked Spur, trilling cisticola, white-winged warbler and the rare Shoebill stork. While at the Rwonyo camp, birders can spot the African-wattled plover Rufous, Black Bellied Bustard, Coqui francolin, Flappet larks, red-necked spur fowl, Rufuos chested Swallow, southern Red Bishop, temminck’s courser and yellow-throated long claw.

As if that is not beautiful enough, the rare white backed heron, African Fin foot and Shoebill Stork can also be found in Lake Mburo National Park.

Please dont forget to carry a camera with you so that you can take beautiful pictures to share with your friends and family back home.


3. Game Drives In Lake Mburo National Park

Even though she is the smallest Savannah Park in Uganda, the variety of wildlife found at this park will blow your mind away. The giraffe, buffalo, zebras and several bird species are all at your disposal, you can participate in game drives to capture nice pictures and to see the animals and birds as they enjoy their natural habitats. There are no tour buses to take you on the game drives but you are free to use your own private means or you can call earlier and a vehicle will be hired to take you around.  

You can also enjoy night time game drives; tourists who are interested in nocturnal wildlife can enjoy watching animals like white tailed mongoose, leopards and simply experience night life in the wild.


4. Proximity of  Lake Mburo National Park

Found in Mbarara district, Lake Mburo National Park is the closest park to Kampala. It is just 3.5 hours away when traveling by bus and about 30 minutes when on a plane from Entebbe International Airport. If this is not the best news for an excited tourist wanting to reach his or her destination in a short time, then I do not know what is.


5. Boat Cruises In Lake Mburo National Park

Boat cruising on Lake Mburo makes the park to outshine others. As a tourist you are assured of enjoying the refreshing lake breeze while at the same time capturing the beautiful flora together with the water dwelling animals such as hippos and crocodiles. 

Several bird species like the herons, pelicans and king fisher can also be spotted when cruising since they are also partly water dwellers.

When the temperatures are high, buffaloes and impala can also be spotted when they come near the lake shore to cool off and take some water.


6. Horseback Riding Safaris In Lake Mburo National Park

Lake Mburo National Park is the only park that offers horseback riding safaris in Uganda. This unique activity is done at Mihingo lodge with the guidance of trained personnel handling the horses and game rangers conducting the tour, this enables you to enjoy game viewing while sitting on the back of a horse.  This activity usually takes between 1 to 3 hours and it sure does sound like so much fun!

Horse riding in Lake Mburo national park - lake mburo horse riding

7. Fishing In Lake Mburo National Park

All fishing related activities at the park, are done at Lake Mburo because she is filled to the brim with over 6 different fish species such as; cat fish, tilapia, lung fish, barbell and others. Tilapia is the most common hence most fished. To fish here, one has to come with his/her own fishing gear and most importantly must get permission from Uganda Wildlife Authority. Mazinga is the most used spot when fishing on Lake Mburo.


8. Biking Safaris In Lake Mburo National Park

This is a unique way to tour around the park. You will be actively involved as you stretch your legs and sketch your way around the park while riding a bicycle. The nature of the terrain makes cycling a bit more intense but all the more fun since you are guaranteed of seeing buffaloes, zebras, antelopes and all your favorite wild animals. Biking tours and safaris are all guided by well-trained Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers because they are well conversant of the specific trails and the whole area at large. The adrenaline rush will leave you refreshed.


9. Forest Walks In Lake Mburo National Park

The park has Rubanga forest which is also a major tourist attraction. Travelers enjoy taking slow relaxing walks through the forest as they capture beautiful pictures of birds, smaller animals and beautiful wild plants and trees.

Community Walks

The Bahima people make up the majority of the population around the park. Together with local authority, tourists are welcome to at least one of the traditional homesteads to see and learn more about the preserved Bahima culture and way of living. This has in turn enabled tourists at the park to have a typical African experience.


10. Landscape Of Lake Mburo National Park

The general appearance of Lake Mburo National Park made up of seasonal swamps, Savannah vegetation, forests, hills, valleys and many other features will have you running so fast to book a tour. All those features combine to make the park a master piece work of nature. And to top it all up, seeing the wild animals running and hopping around while the birds chirp and fly all over the place truly brings satisfaction to the lovers of nature.


 Where To Sleep | Accommodation In Lake Mburo National Park 

The park and surrounding areas offer the best accommodation for all genres of tourists. This is classified in three different types as discussed below.

a) Luxury Accommodation;

This caters for high maintenance tourists who love to reside in total comfort and luxury while on their Safari. Examples include; Mihing lodge, Hyena Hill Lodge, Pinnacle Hotel and Nyore Hillside Retreat.


b) Mid-Range Accommodation;

This offers very good accommodation for tourists who do not want to be extravagant but still want to stay in a beautiful place. These include; Grand Holiday International Hotel, Rhino Motel and Meliva Guest House amongst others.


c) Budget Accommodation;

This is for tourists who are within a budget and do not want to spend a lot on accommodation. There are several low budget accommodation places such as; Leopard Rest Lodge, Arcadia Cottages and Lake Lyantonde Eco Campsite alongside several others

Regardless of the accommodation of your choice, please endeavor to book for a placement at least one month before you travel, this will ensure that nobody else takes up your room. Often at times abrupt bookings can find the lodges and hotels fully booked hence getting disappointed.


How To Get To Lake Mburo National Park

Due to the short distance between Kampala and Mbarara where the park is stationed, by road the whole journey would take you just 3.5hours and the park can be accessed from kampala  via masaka-mbarara road. On the other hand, a flight from Entebbe International Airport would take less than 40 minutes. By air lake mburo National Park can be accessed from Entebbe to Mbarara airstrip  then to Lake Mburo National Park.

This fact alone brings a smile on my face, no feeling jet lagged or tired from being on the road for so long.


When To Visit Lake Mburo National Park

Thank goodness the park is open to tourists throughout the year, but like all other safaris, it is best to visit during the dry season i.e., December to February and June to September. Ample sunshine will make the boat cruising and Game drives and walks easier and more fun.


Lake Mburo Weather and Climate

Lake Mburo National Park experiences a mild climate. Daily temperatures are around 27°C/81°F, with nightly temperatures of 14°C/57°F on average.

In conclusion, You can book your tour and visit Lake Mburo National Park with Kubwa Five Safaris. They are an awesome crew of friendly, professional and well trained tour guides who will take you through the park as you make and capture beautiful memories that will last you a life time. You will wish you could stay for good.

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